How to Hide Big Hips?

How to Hide Big Hips

If you have narrow shoulders and larger hips then you have what is called a pear shaped body. Some women dread this shape because of prominent hips, which makes them uncomfortable to pull off stylish dresses.

Fortunately, with a bit of care, attention to detail and the right silhouette, wide hips can easily pull off a flattering look. Wear clothes that define the best parts of your body. Defining your waist with a belt, for example, can put emphasis on your curves. Do not feel guilty about your body, feel confident and stay happy.


Dressing Tips to Hide Big Hips

Mentioned below are few dressing tips that will make you understand that fashionable clothes are not made only for the skinny and thin girls.

• Your garments should be fitted, but not skin tight. Fabric should be relaxed in the bum area.

• Choose dark, flattering tones from the waist down, now this does not limit you to just black! Dark grey, taupe, claret and indigo blue are great options to go for.

• If you’re pear-shaped, go for a blousy top with accents such as ruffles and puffy sleeves.

• Stay away from pencil skirts and skinny jeans as these will make you look wider than you actually are. Opt for boot-cut and flared jeans as such cuts are tight-fitting around the hips and thighs but looser around the lower leg, giving your a slimmer look. Also avoid high-waisted pants and pants with bold patterns. Choose medium-rise or low-cut pants, which help your hips look slimmer by interrupting their curve. Also avoid any details around the hips and a flat front.

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• Halter or strapless styles are the most flattering for wide hips. Wear dresses that are tighter on the top and flow out toward the mid-section, such as an empire-waisted dress.

• Rocking an A-line that hits right at your knees works best for disguising your hips and balancing your body. Pair the skirt with some stilettos and your legs will look never-ending.

• Dresses that end at knee length look best on women with wide hips. This length produces a flattering look for nearly any age or event.

• Draw attention away from your hips with a bright scarf, unique jewelry or an interesting neckline.


• No matter what your shape is wearing the right undergarments are essential. It is extremely important to have on a proper and well-fighting undergarments What is worn underneath will play a huge difference in the way you feel on the outside.

Follow these tips and steps and you’ll find yourself feeling a lot better about the fashion choices you make.

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