How To Hit The Gym in Style

Who says gym style has to be boring and drearily dull? Who says you can’t showcase your style sense at a gym? In fact, I believe that the more stylish you look while hitting the gym, the more good you feel about yourself and your body. Motivation to hit the gym is not only in the form of toned girls on magazine covers or wishing to fit into that beautiful LBD that you have an eye on. Impeccable gym style is another reason to start visiting the gym. Just like you like dressing up for a date :). Random print tees and pajama pants are a thing of the past. You are judged for your sense of style even at a gym. While it should not compromise with comfort, your gym wear should be something that looks very stylish.

How To Hit The Gym in Style

Here are some suggestions:

1. A stylish sweatshirt:

Blacks, blues and greens are drab. There are so many great designs and styles of sweatshirts available now. Some people like to work out in them. Others remove them right before workout and put them on right after. Whichever way, a stylish pullover will give a head start to your stylish look.

2. A great pair of sneakers:

How To Hit The Gym in Style

Goodbye boring old school sneakers in whites and the ones dual toned with white. Single toned neons, pop colors and jazzy shaped soles are in. If neon shoes aren’t your thing, you can use just neon shoes laces. Those are separately available at various stores and online.

3. A good headband and wristbands:

How To Hit The Gym in Style

Not only do they make you look cool, headbands are also great to keep your hair off your face and prevent sweat from dripping onto your face. But you don’t want anything too tight as it may lead to breakouts due to sweat accumulation. Wristbands keep the sweat off your palms as you hold on to workout equipment. Ewwww sweaty palms! If you are using these for the first time, opt for single toned safe colors like blacks and blues or else go all out for neons and prints :D.

4. Stylish tees/tunics:

This is probably the most evident part of your gym attire. Choose from various cuts and styles available with all sportswear brands. Tunics are a stylish alternative to the good ol’ tees. Make sure the fit is perfect and you are comfortable in them. Or you can wear a spunky sports bra underneath a baggy tee. Fabric also plays an important role because you don’t want to look like you bathed with your tee on as you sweat.

5. Shape wear leggings:

How To Hit The Gym in Style

Leggings that are tapered at the end and stick onto your legs provide great shape to your legs as opposed to the ones that are open at the bottom. Be it full length or 3/4ths, shaped bottoms are a great confidence booster. Have a black pair for versatility with all your tees and some bright colored ones for when you are in a really happy mood 🙂

6. A cool sipper:

How To Hit The Gym in Style

Please don’t carry Aquafina or bisleri bottles to the gym. There are so many cool sippers available. Even the non-branded ones look chic.

7. Teeny tiny socks:

No skin colored high length socks please. Oh God, I see so many of my colleagues continuing to wear their office wear socks with their sneakers. Not cool! And the next is colored socks but almost reaching the knee. Okay, that was a little bit of an exaggeration 😛 But high socks are so out of fashion. Stick to teeny tiny ankle length socks or no-show socks available in such a myriad of colors to make you look edgy.

8. A fashionable gym bag:

How To Hit The Gym in Style

This just completes the look of a fit girl, doesn’t it :)? Carry a size according to the number of things you would carry with you. Choose from a hand held one or a shoulder one according to how you like to carry your bag.

9. Shoe and cloth drawstring bags:

How To Hit The Gym in Style

As you change to your gym wear or vice versa, you need something to put your clothes and footwear into. Of course, polythene bags work just fine, but we are speaking style right 😀 These cute drawstring bags are perfect for your soiled clothes and shoes.

Have I missed anything that you would like to share? Do let me know 🙂

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