How to Increase The Effectiveness of Skin Care Products Using Natural Ingredients

By Sheetal Maurya

Have you ever wondered why despite spending so much money on beauty products, they are unable to fulfill the said claims? So, should we throw them away or try to make them work? The answer is go to your kitchen and make them work! Yes, you read it right! By using some of the ingredients available in your kitchen, you can simply boost the power of your skin care products.

How to Increase The Effectiveness of Skin Care Products with Natural Ingredients1

Body Lotions

How to Increase The Effectiveness of Skin Care Products with Natural Ingredients

Brands claim that body lotions can keep your skin moisturized for hours, but we all know the actual result. Here, I’ve classified the types of body lotions for better understanding.

Winter Body Lotions:
Winter is almost like a curse for the skin, thus our skin needs special attention during this time. By adding few drops of glycerin and lemon juice in your favorite winter body lotion, you can get long lasting moisture. Glycerin and lemon are both known for keeping the skin hydrated.

Summer Body Lotions:
Here, you need to add one or two tablespoons of mint juice (according to the quantity of body lotion) which helps to hydrate your skin while keeping it grease free and refreshed throughout.

Milk Based Body Lotions:
Here you can add rose water (as per the size of bottle) which helps sooth and hydrate your skin. If you want to add some fragrance, simply add few drops of your favorite essential oil in it. It will rejuvenate your skin and mind.

Hand Creams

How to Increase The Effectiveness of Skin Care Products with Natural Ingredients7

Hands mostly come into contact with various chemical based products while laundering, dishwashing etc. As palms don’t have oil glands, our hands tend to become dry. In this case, hand creams are the only life savers! By adding 2-3 Vitamin E capsules or almond oil to the tube, you can make your hand creams more effective. Vitamin E oil helps to reduce early wrinkles and almond oil adds shine to your nails and nourishes the cuticles as well.

Under Eye Creams

By adding a few drops of castor oil to under eye cream, you can enhance its effectiveness. Castor oil helps to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin delaying fine lines around the eyes and reduces dark circle around eyes. Also, who isn’t aware of how castor oil can make lashes grow long.

Foot Creams

How to Increase The Effectiveness of Skin Care Products with Natural Ingredients6

Like hands, soles also do not have oil glands. Therefore, foot creams are very necessary for everyone. You can simply add little bit of petroleum jelly to your favorite foot cream and it will not keep your feet moisturised for long, but also will heal the dry areas.

Anti-Wrinkle Creams

There are numerous anti wrinkle creams available in the market. By adding few drops of orange peel oil and almond oil, you can achieve flawless skin. Both the ingredients are rich sources of Vitamin E and anti-ageing nutrients. Hence, not only wrinkles, your other skin issues too will be dealt with.

Makeup Removers

I’ve read in an interview of Rati Di that removing makeup before going to bed is the best beauty tip ever. Every makeup lover needs to have a good makeup remover as makeup during sleep can clog your pores and lead to many skin problems. To enhance their effectiveness, you can simply add few drops of olive oil in your makeup removing cream and cleansing milk. It not only eases removing makeup, but also helps nourish your skin.

Lip Balms

How to Increase The Effectiveness of Skin Care Products with Natural Ingredients4

Lips are the easiest victims of changing weather. Lip balm and creams only moisturize lips, but do not properly heal chapped lips often. So, to combat this, you can add little bit of antiseptic cream in it and voila! Now, your lip cream and balm will not only keep your skin moisturised, but will also heal them.

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  1. Sheetal you write on such fresh topics. Love them. I had never thought of adding these ingredients to my skin care products. Especially adding mint juice in lotion sounds fantastic! 🙂 Loved the tips!

  2. Yess…i do these things all the time. I love adding wheatgerm oil to my aroma magic cucumber sunscreen lotion. I dont need a separate body lotion and It dilutes the sunscreen only very little. I add it with help of syringe and needle.

  3. Sheetal, i never thought about boosting skin care products this way, thanks for these tips,I will put them to use 🙂

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