How To Increase Volume of Hair: Ask IMBB

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Tanu Saraf asks:


I want to know how to increase volume of my hair and I also want long and heathy hair, but how?

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17 thoughts on “How To Increase Volume of Hair: Ask IMBB

  1. Hey Tanu, To keep your hair and scalp healthy do oil your hair regularly atleast once a week… You can use a ixture of Castor oil, almond oil, coconut oil, and olive oil boil with methi seeds and lastly add a vitamin E capsule. Massage this oil every week leave overnight to maintain your hair’s health.
    Also if you dont mind using Beer, then apply beer in your hair keep it for 30 mins and wash and condition. Beer helps add volume to your hair. 🙂

    1. Hey you know what will make this oil mixture better, boiling it once added methi seeds. Keep mixture overnight then add Vit E capsules and apply, massage thoroughly. *pigtail*

  2. Also Tanu, I wanna add, that please avoid shampoos that has SLS/SLES, If you have to use it to clarify; limit the use for once a week. SLS/SLES are major causes for hairfall. Also include Amla in your diet as well as topical application.

  3. This is something i wanted to ask tooo, but don’t know what made me not to all this while!
    Thanks tanu… I will try the Beer solution vidhi suggested, have heard lot of them say. But sadly the oil massage and stuff, never helped me. Atleast i didnt see any imporvement! *cry*

  4. Hi Tanu, for healthy hair please go through articles on hair care on IMBB. Also you can refer hair growth supplement article –

    For adding volume to hair,
    1. Simplest way is back combing. Hold your head upside down and comp through. Get straight and throw back your hair and just detangle with wide toothed comb, Dont brush.
    2. Use volumizing shampoos and conditioners. You can find reviews here
    3. Use volumizing mousses. Apply dime size on wet/moistened hair and work it through.

    Hope this helps 🙂

    [First comment lost in moderation i think.] *ghost*

  5. my hair loves beer rinse… It will really make the hair shiny and bouncy and it also clarifies any buildup… But its important to use only the malt beer which is free of alchohol…. Regular beers contains alchohol and it will make the hair sooper dry… So use the malt one *announce*

  6. silly me..but where do i get malt beer? and any brands in particular? never used beer on my hair..would love to try them *pigtail*

  7. silly me..but where do i get malt beer? any brands in particular? never used beer on my hair..would love to try them 🙂

  8. Hey mix coconut and castor oil together in a bottle and once a week do a hot hair oil massage. Also mayonnaise..yes yes the one that you put in sandwiches *secret* is an excellent hair conditioner. So apply a mayonnaise mask once a wekk – just ensure that you use the egg wala mayonnaise bcos its the eggs that make it excellent for the hair.. keept it for 45 mins, wash it off with cold water and shampoo and condition as usual

    Does anyone have any tips on how to get rid of a bad perm? I have naturally straight hair but god knows wat made me go ahead and get it permed *waaa* .. I had asked for cascading waves but the stylist gave me maggi curls *waaa* .. I want to bang that womans head *pan* ..anyway so this was 4 weeks back.. I had to go to meet someone so for the time being I asked her to blow dry it straight.. after i came back home..I washed my hair trying to rub off the chemicals a bit…its been 4 weeks now and I am conditioning my hair daily and applying egges/mayonnaise once a week with a hot hair oil treatment.. I dont have maggi curls anymore..but my hair is slightly wavy and dry 🙁 .. can anyone tell me how to get my straight hair back.. I misss it sooo much 🙁

    1. Get it rebonded or relaxed that is the only solution.. for ekdum straight hair … as soon as your hair grows the curls will go away if you keep on trimming them *happydance*

  9. I use olive oil + almond oil+ castor oil twice a week for my hair…I have no hair fall or dandruff pblm…Avoid harsh shampoos, Use moroccan oil or argan oil serum once a week…include lots of leafy vegetables, amla, juices etc in ur diet…:) avoid combing on wet hair etc etc..thiese all tips will help get healthy hair….
    For hairfall pblms, I think Parita have reviewed one oil sometime back (check the link below) , kantharidine oil People who suffer from severe hairfall can try that too 🙂 avoid tension, stay happy, eat helathy– these are the key things! I don’t think someone can actually make an already thin hair thicker, however, you can always maintain the healthy hair of urs, also protect it from hairfall and dandruff….

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