How to Keep Oily Skin Shine Free

Fight that OILY SKIN

Many of us are fighting oily skin day and night. I am sure we have all tried end number of products to keep oiliness at bay. But I know hardly any product helps..and if does only for a short while.

So lets see how we can keep that oil away for Max time with Min efforts:

What is oily skin like:

Oily Skin

It is generally thick and and dull coloured. It is prone to blackheads. In this skin the oil producing glands are overactive and produce more oil than needed. The oil thus oozes and gives the skin a shine. Pores are also generally enlarged.


  • Heredity.
  • Humidity.
  • Diet.
  • Hormone levels. Etc.

How to take care of this skin:

  • Keep face clean. That doesn’t mean washing face 7-8 times. 3-4 times is good enough.
  •  Choose gel based cleansers rather than cream ones.(Clinique, Clean and clear, Lakme etc)
  •  Use an oil free moisturiser.( Clinique, Neutregena etc)
  •  Use clay or mud masks.
  •  Half and hour before your bath apply cucumber and lemon juice mixture.


  •  Have more of proteins and less of sugars and salt.
  •  Of course add green leafy vegetables and fruits.
  •  Avoid soft drinks, oily food and other junk foods.

EXERCISE regularly as that will boost circulation and encourage blood flow. This will nourish and cleanse your skin from within.
Okay now a method that may surprise you but believe me it works:

Remember oil dissolves oil. So to unclog the oil in our skin ,we need oil .Follow this massage say once a week and find glowing skin with less oiliness.

Take little castor oil(best for cleansing).Massage your face with circular movements. Think of something pleasant and look forward to a glowing face. You won’t even need a makeup remover before this. Deep breath.

After say 5 minutes, take a towel and soak it in hot water. Place this on your face. You dont have to scrub. Repeat this 2-3 times till you feel your face is cleansed. The hot water towel will open your pores and pull out the oil. And there you go; a fresh face is yours 🙂

Before oil massage

Oily skin before oil massage

Oily Skin after oil massage
And as oily skin doesn’t age as quick as dry skin. My father is one example. He looks younger than my mother although he is elder to her but my mommy dearest has real dry skin!

So try these and let me know if it works for you.

Remember, nothing works overnight. Be patient for a few days.

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29 thoughts on “How to Keep Oily Skin Shine Free

  1. Hi Maria,

    This is going to be extremely useful for me.I have oily-combination skin which has a mind of its own.

    1. Thanks Richa…
      Nah..Infact it helps clearing acne..
      Its quite use sparingly.
      And yes u can also use almond oil for the above massage.:)

      1. Castor oil is supposedly used on scalp to increase hair growth. Will it increase hair growth on face too if a person already has facial hair?

        1. It aids hair growth on the scalp…and thickens eyebrows if left overnight…that too as a routine..nothng works overnight dear…and u wont leave it on ur face here..u have to take it off with the hot towel..then close ur pores with cold water splash:)

  2. I havent tried the oil cleansing method yet. This article is so well explained and simple to comprehend. All of what you said about oily skin in undeniably true. 😀

  3. you have superb skin, what are you other skin care routines, would love to know! i am so going to try this 🙂 psssst…you have no under eye circles either, what do you use?

    1. Hey..thanks a lot…Now I dont know what works exactly…but I dont have a fixed routine product….keep changing face washes..currently using clinique moisturizer..and Fab India eye gel at times..and yes..I avoid cold drinks 😀 mayb that works for the skin :p

    1. i tried this method with castor-olive oil..din’t suit me i had zits ..not for oily skinned sensitive skin beauties ?

      i’ll try again maybe well acne heals ..with almond and olive oil..hope don’t get acne this time 😉

  4. Hi Maria,

    I tried these routine with olive oil and mwahh 🙂 to you, my skin really was glowing
    I also have same combination-oily skin

  5. Hi Maria,
    am a student, when i read the post i thought u are the only one who can give me right solution.i have too much oily n sensitive skin… its causes too much acne n my skin type is sensitive so i just use face wash to clean n astringent gel for toning but don’t use any moisturizer because after using it my skin becomes oily again..and i cant use any cosmetics even sun protection…i have whiteheads…so please tell me what to do???

    1. hey Nikita..
      Since moisturizers make ur skin greasy..use dem at night before sleep..
      For whiteheads and blackheads…try d basic clean ups that salons offer
      Dont go for other heavy treatments since u have sensitive skin..though they might lure u into them 🙂

  6. Hi Maria,
    Thank you so much for these awesome tips! 🙂 I’ll use almond oil for the massage. My face is so oily that I only use clean n clear face wash and leave it at that because applying moisturizer (I use clean n clear) makes it oily again..arrghh! You’ve suggested Clinique and Neutrogena. Will they work? Also can you suggest a suitable toner for oily skin?

    1. Hey Amrita..
      Yeah dose are good brands..try both and see which works better for u..
      Sorry..but me not yet good with toners..I used a nivea one..which was good..but u dont have to think much for most of mattify the skin a bit 🙂

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