How To Keep Romance Alive in your Marriage After Having Kids

Is there a new bundle of joy in your lives? Your mornings start way too early and you never get any time to sleep. Your body is in a healing mode and you are tired all the time. Motherhood is a round-the-clock job, but so is being a loving wife to your husband and same is the case for him. Let’s find out how you can keep the romance alive in your marriage after having kids.

How To Keep Romance Alive in your Marriage After Having Kids

1.  Don’t give up:  Some days will be real hard. You will loathe your life and your partner too just because you are too exhausted.  Well, keep in mind that this is just a phase, enjoy it till it lasts. Never stop showering love and affection on your partner, no matter how hard it may seem.

2.  Get on the Same Parenting Page:  Parenting will get you closer and not keep you apart. Involve your partner in every step of the way. Don’t think that it is one person’s job to take care of the baby. Try to do somethings together on a daily basis that involves your kid.


3.  Be His Lover, Not His Mother:  It is in our genes to be overly sensitive and sometimes motherly too. Yes you have become a mother, but stop behaving like a mother to your husband. Stop giving him instructions all the time. Let him figure out things on his own. Just be on his side while he is at it!

4.  Spoil Your Spouse, Not Your Kids:  All a kid needs is a happy home with happy parents. I know you are a new mother and all you can think about is your kid, but in the process, the person who often feels neglected is your husband. Look for ways to spoil your husband and not your kids. Take some time out every day where you can be his wife and not a mother to your kids (read nap time!).

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5.  Set a date and stick to it:  Seek the help your mother or your mother-in-law to babysit your kid and go out with your hubby on a date. Dress up nicely, wear some makeup and go to a nice place to spend some lovely moments together.

6.  Be intimate:  In the starting, it is really hard to love your body, you feel vulnerable and unattractive. Well, don’t! Just remember that your partner is in love with you more than ever. You even have your bundle of joy with you guys. You may not feel like getting into the zone with your partner and don’t put it on hold indefinitely. Show affection to your partner through small ways like hugging him unexpectedly or giving him a peck on his cheeks every now and then.

And if you still think that you are drifting away from your partner, then nothing beats like having a one-on-one conversation with your partner about your fears and anxiety issues 🙂


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