How to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Hydrated

How To keep Your Skin For Healthy And Hydrated Skin

Hey girls,

We all want healthy and beautiful skin but it’s far from reality for some of us. I’m going to show you a way that can help you achieve that through masking but this is mostly for those who have the time, for those who don’t, you can use this tips for a self-facial at home. Pamper yourself once in a while and your skin will thank you.

keep skin hydrated

Step 1:
Use a facial scrub first to scrub your skin in order to open up your pores, I’m using St Ives Blemish Control Apricot scrub but you can use one that suits your skin type. Don’t scrub too hard cause it’ll cause your face to turn red, irritated and you’ll probably scrub your skin off, leaving invisible scars on your face. Just apply some on your face and roll with you hands gently to exfoliate. Once your pores are opened up, your skin will be ready to absorb all the nutrients from all the masks.
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Step 2:
Now, I recommend something to deep clean your pores and remove all the impurities. This step is pretty essential as it’s considered pore care. If you live in a humid country, pore care is essential to avoid sagging pores, acne and any other skin problems. I’m using Freeman Avocado and Oatmeal Facial Clay Mask. This product does contain parabens but I’m totally okay with it as it’s amazing at removing all the impurities from the pores and it leaves your skin feeling soft and pores clean. This mask also dries under 5 minutes.
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Step 3:
Once you’re all pure, we throw some moisture into the face. Now here, you should use a mask that’s super hydrating, suitable to your skin type and firms up your skin. The product that I’ve been faithful to for the past few years is Himalaya Herbals Almond & Cucumber Peel Off Mask. This mask is great at hydrating your skin, it firms the skin and absolutely helps with blemishes and breakouts. Don’t use a peel off if your skin can’t take it, as a alternative you can just use a wash off one. However if you’ve got oily skin or combination skin, use a oil control mask or a mask that is suitable to you cause you don’t want breakouts.

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Step 4:
Now if you’ve got horrid under eye dark circles like mine or you just want to pamper your under eyes and give them extra care, eye masks are the best way to do so. Here, I’m using a local branded sheet eye mask for dark circles how ever just use a brand that you find amazing for your own purposes. Eye masks comes both sheet and gel type. If you’re ever ask to choose between both, choose the gel one. It’s always better as it holds more nutrients and you skin absorbs the nutrients better. But here’s something about eye masks, you’ve got to be consistent with using them. Use them twice or once a every week if possible and you will start to see results. Extra tip, eye masks can be used anytime and anywhere, even when you’re in front of a computer. 😉

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Step 5:
Now this step is optional but I find that this is what really gives y face a natural dewy and bright glow. I use a 3-in-1 product by Garnier that acts as a facial wash, scrub and mask. However I just use it as a mask. Why? I like to mattify my skin after all the masks as I feel this keeps all the nutrients locked into my skin. This mask dries in 3 minutes and while it takes a little effort to wash off, the results turn out beautiful. But like I said this step is optional as it may cause breakouts for some of you, but if you’ve got normal skin like me, you’ll be fine. If you decide to skip this step, you’ll still achieve that healthy and hydrated glow on your skin.

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Step 6:
On to top it all off and wake up with beautiful, hydrated and healthy skin, I’ll tell you a secret that I’m sure most of you know about already. A overnight face mask! An overnight face mask is going to lock the moisture in place all night long and provide the needed moisture for your skin so that you don’t wake up with dry skin. An overnight face mask works wonders. It may be uncomfortable to sleep in but beauty doesn’t come easy.

overnight mask

I’d recommend doing this once or twice a week if you can. Pampering your skin is important. Your skin is like you, it requires proper nutrients to be healthy and happy. Also by doing so, your makeup would go on smoothly the next day and you can avoid all sorts of skin problems (eg, sagging pores) if you follow these steps. Don’t forget to take care of your skin no matter how busy you get and please don’t use the ‘I’ve got no time’ card, make time because it ‘s worth it.

Good luck girls to healthy, hydrated skin. Tell me how the tips work and throw in some suggestions too if you want. 🙂

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