How to Keep Yourself Hydrated in the Hotter Months?

By Neha Singh

We all know that the human body is approximately 60 percent of water. This fluidity is important for virtually every body function. So are you getting adequate daily intake of water? Clear thinking, moist skin, healthy kidneys, and bountiful energy, they all depend on an adequate daily intake of water. Substituting your eight glasses of water with coffee, tea, milk etc can do the job of hydrating our body to some extent, but these could have other effects too due to the components they have. You need to hydrate yourself with fluids that are not only healthy and low in calories, but are also full of flavours which prompt you to reach out to them throughout the day.

How to Keep Yourself Hydrated in Summers

Here’s a list of ways to hydrate this summer.

1. Water – Nothing can beat water. But since it is tastelessness, it doesn’t drive you to have it frequently. Best way is that you keep adding flavours to it.

flavored water
2. Flavoured Water – This is great for replenishing your hydrated body during hot summers. Flavoured water helps to refresh and revitalise you. Few fruits added enhance the taste and make the process of drinking water a little interesting. Add sliced lime, mint leaves, ginger juice and lemon juice to pitcher filled with water. Or you can add strawberry slices, mint leaves and lemon juice. Sliced cucumber, lemon, lemon juice, and a pinch of cinnamon powder are also great ingredients for flavoured water. Refrigerate your infused water overnight for maximum flavour and taste.

3. Iced Tea – You can try sipping on iced teas. Herbs and flavours like chamomile, jasmine, etc can add a pleasant aroma and make the drink a refreshing one.

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4. Fresh Juices – Fresh fruit juices and vegetable juices have lots of nutritional benefits. They are great in taste but have unwanted calories and high concentrated sugar too. So if you want to avoid calories, opt for fruit waters with minimal calorific value.

5. Smoothies – These are another tasty way to increase water intake. Apart from being superdelicious, they give the added benefits of fruit nutrients.

6. Caffeinated drinks – Drinking a variety of caffeinated beverages, including coffee, can contribute to meeting your body’s daily requirement for fluids. But caffeine has a diuretic effect, means it draws away water from body organs. These drinks should be taken in moderation and shouldn’t be your only water intake way.

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