How to Lighten Dark Skin Around Bikini Line

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Area around your bikini line can be prone to pigmentation at times. There can be cases of uneven skin colour and other pigmentation issues. Thus, when you are hitting the beach area or going all bare and all, then you must have a clean bikini line.

How to Lighten Dark Skin Around Bikini Line

Thus, following are some of the easy-peasy tips and tricks to help you lighten the dark skin around bikini line.

1. Papaya Pulp:

Sliced fresh papaya on wooden background

Just take a ripe papaya and collect the pulp in your hand. You only need a handful of pulp and apply it on the bikini line or the area which is dark. Let it rest for at least 30 minutes or so. Then, wash off the area with water.

2. Lemon Juice or Lemon Scrub:

Lemon juice

Lemon can be used in multiple ways on the bikini area. You can rub half a lemon at your bikini area. Do it continuously for a good 1-2 months and then, you will be able to see the difference by yourself. Alternatively, you can also try a lemon scrub. If you feel the area is too hard and it’s painful, then you can top it with a thin layer of coconut oil after washing off the lemon.

3. Glycolic or Salicylic Acid Pads:

There are two different acid pads which help in lightening the skin around the bikini line. If you use it continuously every day for 1 month or so, then you will see that your dark skin around the bikini line will lighten easily.

4. Almond Paste:


Take some almonds and add some drops of milk in it. Make almond paste out of it. Apply it on the dark area around your bikini line. With continuous usage, you will see that the dark skin has lighten up and the area is visibly brighter and cleaner.

5. Cold Milk:

Pouring milk in the glass on the background of nature.

Sometimes lack of moisturisation is responsible for dark bikini area. Thus, using milk will not only help you in lightening the bikini area but, will also keep it moisturized thus reducing the pigmentation issues.

6. Gram Flour Scrub:

Gram flour or Besan

Take a pinch of gram flour and either add some water or lemon drops in it. Apply this paste around your dark area. Let it air dry completely. Now, wash off the area with normal water. This will give you beautiful glowing skin around the bikini area.

7. Egg White and Sugar:

Woman hands breaking egg to separate egg-white and yolk

Make a rich paste out of egg white and sugar. This will give you a mask which can be applied easily all over the bikini area. Let it air dry and now remove the mask with normal water.

8. Cucumber:

Cucumber juice

Take some cucumber and make a fresh paste out of it. Now, apply this paste directly on the dark area. If you start following this skin care regime continuously then, within 3-4 days you will witness that the dark area has visibly brightened and is much more smooth.

9. Tomato:

Raw Organic Tomato Juice

Tomato pulp is extremely good for your dark skin area. If you rub the tomato pulp continuously at your darkened area then you will see that the area is much more brighter and smoother. Tomato goes a long way in reviving the complexion of your skin.

10. Waxing:

Young woman waxing her lower leg

If nothing works then, this is the sure shot solution. Don’t use harsh chemicals for your bikini area. It is extremely delicate and thus, you want to stay away from harsh chemicals and other pollutants. Therefore, use either cold or hot waxing and remove the darkness around your bikini area.

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