How to Lose Weight in 4 Weeks- Diet Chart for Weight Loss

Rati’s darling hubby wrote a very thorough article here about fitness. Making us  girls acquainted with the point of view of the opposite sex. We all were totally impressed and agreed to every word he said. So let’s take the same thought a little further.

weightloss journey

To stay fit and maintain your shape a regular workout helps a lot. But when it comes to losing weight and getting back in shape, a regular workout or exercise routine won’t suffice. You will have to take it a step further and take care of your diet in order to lose weight. Even the gym instructors would tell you so. Exercise and diet are the two sides of a coin. You can’t achieve weight loss with just one of them. A regular exercise routine and a healthy diet is your route to salvation.

I’m following a Indian diet myself by a leading dietician. Me, my cousin, some of her friends and a lot of people I know have taken diet from this dietician. And we all have lost a considerable amount of weight to say the least.

You must be thinking that the diets given by the dieticians are personalized then how can we all follow the same diet routine with our different weights and blood groups. For starters, he doesn’t gives the diet according to the blood group. Though, generally the diets given by dieticians are personalized. I have noticed a similarity In the diets given to me and others. And since now, that I know his diets are universal. I’d want YOU, Rati’s lovely readers to reap its fruit as well.

When I first went to this dietician, he told me to get some blood tests done. Like thyroid checkup, blood sugar, serum insulin in my case since I have PCOD. So it’s just not about losing weight but getting to know the underlying reason of piling on the kilos. In my case it was increased serum insulin levels. But in my cousins case all her tests were ok, she was gaining weight because of her erratic routine and the junk food she so loved. So if you think that you are doing everything right but still gaining weight, the first thing you should be doing is finding the underlying reason for it.

junk food

First things first, If everything with you is fine your weight gain is due to lethargy, wrong dietary habits and erratic routine. So When u go on a diet make sure that whatever plan u follow it must be timed right as well. You must wake up latest by 8:00 ( that’s for the late risers, even I used to wake up by 10 or 11). This is the most important thing in your routine because the body has its own clock and you shouldn’t mess with it.

This diet is split in 4 weeks period with the diet changing every week.
Before starting the diet weigh yourself and write it down somewhere. This way you know where you started and you feel good to see the scales going down.

Some things you need to follow this diet:

  1. No salt after 7:30
  2. No aerated drinks. Yes that includes even the diet version.
  3. Restrict mango and banana
  4. Restrict potato and rice.
  5. No artificial juices as well.
  6. Half an hour of aerobic exercise daily. If u want to join a gym good enough. But if due to any reason maybe time or money constraint u can’t join a gym. All you need is a comfortable pair of shoes to do some aerobics, a skipping rope to do at least 500 skips (5 sets of 100 skips and increasing it as you go). 1.5 -2 kgs dumbbells for toning your upper body. Just these basic things and you are set.
  7. 20 mins of breathing exercise. ( I’m talking about Baba Ramdevs pranayam)

Without further ado I present you with the Indian diet.

Week 1
8:00 am (as soon as you wake up) – 2 glasses of methi seeds water ( soak 1tsp of methi seeds in 2 glasses of water. Strain out the methi seeds and drink the water. Helps a lot in water retention and bloating) 5 soaked almonds with the skin. 1 kali mirch u don’t have to chew it just swallow it down.
9:00 am – 1 toast (brown bread) with amul lite butter / hung curd dressing/ salad and chutney
11:30 am – one fruit of your wish

1:30 pm – A small plate of salad before starting the meal. The fibers in the salad fills u up which in turn prevents false hunger that makes u overeat.1 bran chappati (mix wheat flour and wheat bran in equal proportions.) with 1 bowl ( normal sized katori ) of dal. Generally at my place dal is cooked at night so I used to store the dal made at night for the other days lunch, u can do the same.
5:00 pm – 1cup of milk or tea with 2 biscuits(just marie, no other biscuits)/ 1 small bowl bhuna channa/ 1bowl popcorn ( not the buttery act 2 ones but air popped popcorns without the butter)

7:30 pm –A small plate of salad before starting the meal. 1 bran chappati with 1 k vegetable ( any vegetable not rajmah, channa or kadhi)
8:30 pm – one fruit of your wish
weight loss before after

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When this week ends, weigh yourself again. I’m sure u must have lost weight. I lost 1.8kgs in the first week itself. U lose the max in this week because you lose all the water weight and the bloating is gone. The further weeks you are surely going to lose weight but it won’t be this much.

Now to the next week.
Week 2

8:00 am (as soon as you wake up) – 2 glasses of tulsi leave water ( soak 5 tulsi leaves in 2 glasses of water. Strain out the leaves and drink the water.) 5 soaked almonds with the skin. 1 kali mirch.
9:00 am – 1 toast (brown bread) with amul lite butter / hung curd dressing/ salad and chutney
11:30 am – one fruit of your wish

1:30 pm – A small plate of salad before starting the meal. 1 sandwich (2 brown breads with paneer filling, if you are a vegetarian and egg whites, if you are a non vegetarian.)
5:00 pm – 1cup of milk or tea with 2 biscuits

7:30 pm –A small plate of salad before starting the meal. 1 bran chappati with 1 k vegetable (this week you can take rajmah, channa or kadhi )
8:30 pm – one fruit of your wish
This week I lost just .9kgs

Week 3

8:00 am – 2 glasses of methi seeds water. 5 soaked almonds with the skin. 1 kali mirch.
9:00 am – 1 glass of milk and a fruit
11:30 am – one fruit of your wish

1:30 pm – 1 bran chappati and any vegetable
5:00 pm – 1cup of milk or tea with 2 biscuits/ 1 small bowl bhuna channa/ 1bowl popcorn (not the buttery act 2 ones but air popped popcorns without the butter)
7:30 pm – 3 pcs steamed or roasted chicken or fish + salad (non vegetarians)

Any one of the following for vegetarians:
1. 1 bowl dal .+ 1 bowl curd + salad
2. 1 bowl veg + 1 bowl curd + salad
8:30 pm – one fruit of your wish

Week 4

8:00 am – 2 glasses of methi seeds water. 5 soaked almonds with the skin. 1 kali mirch.
9:00 am – 1 glass of cold coffee and a bb toast
11:30 am – one fruit of your wish
1:30 pm – This week you have a lot of options which you can take alternatively.

  1. 1 bowl sprouts + fruits
  2. 2 bowl vegetables + salads
  3. 1 bowl dalia + 1 bb toast
  4. 1 bowl vegetables + 1 bb toast
  5. 1 bowl kadhi + 1 quarter plate rice

5:00 pm – 1cup of milk or tea with 2 biscuits/ 1 small bowl bhuna channa/ 1bowl popcorn (not the buttery act 2 ones but air popped popcorns without the butter)
7:30 pm – 1 bran chappati and 1 bowl vegetable.
8:30 pm – one fruit of your wish

weight loss

By the end of the month you will definitely lose 3-6 kgs I lost 4.3 kgs in a month with PCOD. I’m sure u can do better.
He also gave me some really good gyan as well. According to him when on a diet your social life won’t stop but you can still manage your weight without locking yourself at home. Some pointers for it:

  1. When you go out with friends try to have your lunch or dinner at subway. The healthiest option out there. Take a veggie delite sub in brown bread and eating out won’t harm your diet and weight at all. Tell them not to put mayo in it though.
  2. If you don’t have a say in the place of eating then make your choices sensibly. If you go to eat Chinese have rice rather than noodles. Order stir fried veggies instead of Manchurian. And control your proportions. Don’t take fried starters. Avoid those thick soups they are no good.
  3. When going out just pick 2 fruits before sitting in the car and eat it on your way to the venue. When you are already a little filled before going out. Your somewhat filled stomach helps your mind take the right decision.
  4. If eating Indian, order tandoori chappati rather than butter naan or parantha. Take less gravy since it is the most fattening.

Even if you don’t want to lose weight keep these points in your mind and you will be able to maintain your weight easily.

So go on a diet now and get your svelte figure back.
P.S.: I really want to thank Rati for giving me a platform to share my thoughts and ideas without having me to bear with the responsibility of making a whole blog work.

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582 thoughts on “How to Lose Weight in 4 Weeks- Diet Chart for Weight Loss

  1. i am 19 years old and weigh 55 kgs.i would realy like to shed 5 kgs. i am going to follow this chart from tomorrow.will it be okay if i have a cup of tea in the morning instead of the fruit? and what after dese four weeks?

  2. hi all
    Wish me luck .I liked the diet plan as it has variety of nutritive food and non veg . Previously I always faied to continue my diet. I am just hoping that I will be able to keep this up


  3. loved d diet plan..on it from 2mrw morning!!! need to knock of 5 kgs…plus have a lot of water retention… hope to loose d weight soon 🙂

  4. Hello Priyanka,

    Could you please give some alternate option for week 1 morning diet?

    ”8:00 am (as soon as you wake up) – 2 glasses of methi seeds water ( soak 1tsp of methi seeds in 2 glasses of water. Strain out the methi seeds and drink the water.”

    We live in UK and do not get methi easily here. Also could you please suggest if it’s okay to have one bowl of multi grain cereal (high in fibre) to have with semi-skimmed milk as breakfast in the morning. That is the usual thing we take evry morning.

    Many thanks.

  5. hii ,priyanka
    i am arushi ……..i am much over weight as i am only 18 n ma weight is 85 n want to loose around 20 kgs in just 2 mnths is dis possible if yes then plzz guide me with ur excellency plzz…..waiting for ur reply …

    1. hey Arushi if you really want to lose weight follow that Diet plan at the same time make sure you dont intake Sugar, any dairy products(milk,paneer,cheese) untill u lose fats), Caffeine, Alcohol, Red meat. These are few things which you got to avoid strictly.Regular excercise is also important.Drink a lot of water.

  6. Dear Priyanka ,

    The article was very inspiring , reading it make me wanted to work for my once toned body , so i took up your diet , however i took the liberty of modifying it a little , i have black pepper with green tea and honey for starters in the morning 5.30 am , go for a long run after that , coem back ahve almonds with pepper , breakfast i follow as advised by you , and lunch i have to eat two chapatis , because my mum just wont let me eat 1 , rest of the day goes as advised by you . However i do wish to say tht i do get hungry , i try having a lot of water , tht kinda makes the hunger go away , but just wanted to ask if you felt the same and what did u do about it .

    Love Neha

  7. This diet seems to be helpful, m starting it frm tmrw…. lets c how will this it helps me n i promise to share my experience here again

  8. Hi Priyanka & Rati,

    Really wonderful tips thanks for all it, really appreciative, I read all the conversation and your tips too very useful. I am gonna to use it by tomorrow and will let you know about the details.

    Regards, Lila Bdr Gurung

  9. i gain weight after my baby i have no time for any exercise because my baby is now 14 months and no body to take care of her expect me my whole body is slim but i have a big tummy i feel embrace what can do suggest me please

    1. hey, i m following ur diet plan. I also want to know what about second month. I want to whether to continue this diet only…….I waiting for ur reply.

  10. Hi Priyanka…I am 24 n my weight is abt 56.5, I need to reduce 2 kgs, specially from my thighs.
    Pls suggest me something on this..I end up late in office so dnt get much time to excercise and all…pls help me out

    1. Hey priyanka thx a lot for sharing this diet chart with us. it really works 🙂 i followed this and i have loose 6kg within a month .

  11. the tips are nice i will also start it from monday. but have a query can i have only wheat floor chapati without wheat bran.

  12. I have been searching for a nice diet plan to follow and here I am ! So glad to find this website and all the lovely ladies.

    Priyanka, can you tell me where/which wheat bran you bought? I’m somehow not sure if what I got what really wheat bran…it looks more powdery…

    Thanks a ton for sharing this info and being so self-less !!!

    Love !

  13. hey, i m overweight… and i dont feel comfortable in western dress… but i really want to wear them… thanks priyanka… i think that diet chart will help me lot… n i will start from tomorrow…. hope i will lose my weight too…

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  15. Hi priyanka,
    Thank you for the diet chart that you have posted.
    Your chart is simply superb. I’m just in the first week of the diet. i’ve lost 1.9 kgs. I feel easy to follow your diet. Hope i’ll get good results.
    Thankyou for the information.


  16. Hi,I am tapasya,have started with ur diet plan since one mnth and have lost 4kgs and very happy,thanks.will b on part2plannow soon.tell me if there shod be any change for me,being an ms patient.I am very happy with ur diet’s very fillng and good.want a reply from u.

    iam ms patient have to loose more weight.pleAse send me part3 if possibl.thanku.pls reply

  17. my current weight is 60 kg & height 5.7″ & i want to loose 7 kg in 2 months, especially inches from thigh, hips & waist, I will start ur diet plan from tommorrow only. im doing 50 suryanamaskar, 400-500 skipping per day.
    And very important it will not tends to any side effects or wat?
    Reply must & i m waiting for it.

  18. I am realy very FAT and feel very embrassed coz my hubby is vry slim. My weight is 96kg and i have to lose lots of weight. can u give me 2nd & 3rd month diet plan so i can continue with it.

    & wht do u mean by 1K veggies is it 1KG???
    Plz do rply dear.

  19. hey priyanka , ur post seems quite awesome !! n exiting as well 😉
    so , im 17 n in 12th standard . i weigh 70 kgs !! (but i dun look like 70 , people say so.. i mean , i look lesser) n my height is 5’4″ . i think all my weight is due to d excessive freedom ive given to my eating habbits ..
    i hav a few questions , here dey go
    1. can i hav simple aate ki roti instead of d bran one ?
    2. whats the best time for exercise ?
    3. im having my boards in march n if i follow this plan , will it affect my studies … (like will i feel bit tired all d tym ?)

  20. Excellent Diet… i have read soo many articles till date but havent found anything which is easy to follow…:)

    Will start this diet from next week for sure…

  21. hi,
    from tomorrow i will plan to join this diet plan .I hope it works………plese guide me as I want some guidence …answer my question…………..

  22. heelloooo…everybody i just want to say that i had go through all the plans nd i too want to loose much weight nd hoping so that this plan wil work….thanks 4 all that….

  23. Hi Priyanka I am in girls college and the food diet you are prescribing kinda not possible here. So is there a way I can follow a diet plan keeping my hostel food in my mind

  24. Hey,I like ur diet plan. I also want to follow the plan from now.I want to know whether there is
    another alternative for morning 8.00 AM

  25. hi..
    my weight is 70kg..
    i tried many things including diet plan.. i tried diet plan, jim, yoga, aerobics, walking, tummy control belt etc.. but result was not satisfying..

    my age is 24.. height is 5’4..

    before a year i follow diet plane with exercise.. and i reduce my 4kg weight within 10days but when i stop diet plane and follow regular diet i gain 6kg weight..

    my regular diet..

    mrg 9am: 1glass milk with half chapati

    2pm: 2 chapati, sabji,and 1 glass curd

    8pm: 3chapati, sabji and 1glass buttermilk

    10pm went for sleep..

    so please guide me that is above diet plane help me? and when i finish diet plane what should i do to control reduce weight.. is there any reverse diet plane.. please help me..

  26. Hi priyanka I am 29 now .i am 92 kg .had one son who is 2 years now.i need to reduce 22 kg for my can I reduce that much in it possible.just give me some advice and diet chart for me.i felt very bad abt that.even my belly and thigs are so big.give me some hope.

  27. hi, Priyanka thanks for this diet plan… i m exited to sterfrom tomorrow… hope i could loose 5 pounds by following this… again thanks for this good work…kep it up.. god bless you…

  28. Hi priyanka, iam also suffering from pcod and I wanna reduce 15 kg
    Please let me know diet chart of second month. Waiting for your
    Precious reply.

  29. Hey Priyanka. very nice article. I have delivered baby 34 months back and now strugling with loosing extra pounds. Your plan seems very good . Wanted to know which DAAL and Vegetables is best to eat in this plan ??

  30. hiiee……im a clg student……i leave hme at 8am….and reach by 7pm its vry difficult for me to follow the above…diet….plz suggest me an alternative…….is it enough if i walk 2km mrng and 2km eveng????………nd my weight 60kgs….height 5 ft 2 inches…..plz help me…….

  31. hey, i wanted to knw dat since m working n i take my lunch, for week 1 of the diet can i substitute dal with soemthing else, as it gets a lil difficult to carry dal… pls let me knw!!!thanx a ton

  32. Hi priyanka.. Can i replace morning brkfast with skimmed milks and oats.. I usually eat oats as brkfast after gymin… Thanks..

  33. Hi All,

    Priyanka has indeed given us all a great diet plan, but there has been a lot of queries regarding fenugreek (methi seeds). Ideally –
    You can soak 10 gm of fenugreek seeds at night in a cup of water and chew them in the morning on an empty stomach with the water. Similarly soak another 10 gm of fenugreek seeds in a cup of water in the morning and consume those 30 minutes before having dinner. Fenugreeks seeds have fiber in it which when consumed tend to swell in the stomach and give a feeling of satiety and thus you will consume less of other fatty foods in your meal.

    Use of Kali Mirch / Black Peppercorns –

    :pepper benefits our health by improving digestion and preventing the formation of intestinal gas.

    :pepper can be used for facilitating weight loss as it helps in the breakdown of fat cells.

    Hope it helps

  34. hey i am 20,5.3 height n 68kgs is my weight.i wanna reduce atleast 12 kgs till april 25 as i’ll b goin to my sisters marriage.. m really influenced with ur diet chart bt will it help to reduce 12kgs in juz a mnth… plz reply asap in need of ur help
    Thanxzz n tc.. 🙂

  35. hi aam starting ur diet plan from tomorrow insha allah. i hope i loose wt. actually i am mother of 2 kids and due to pregnancies my belly fat is not that reduced i wanna work myself out. thanks for encouraging plz give me an idea to looose belly fat thanks once again

  36. Hi Priyanka,

    I am very much over weight. I am 44 years. I have tried many diet plan but failed maximum after 3 weeks. My weight increase very fast and I do not have thyroid problem. I am not junk food lover but occassionaly I take. Being over weight my knees pain after I walk even with slow speed. So skipping and aerobics as mentioned by you will be difficult for me. So can this diet plan still work on me?

    You have not mentioned the glasses of water to be taken. Also being a mother I have to getup at 5.30 in the morning for the kids to make them ready for school and college, so as I wake up early so sometimes I take breakfast twice, please suggest me for this.

    Looking forward to hear from you soon and thanks a lot for this diet plan, I am sure this will work on me. If possible send us the 2nd month diet plan also.

    God bless you.

  37. hiee..frm tomorrow i will follow ur diet plan 🙂 .. but like to ask u one thing.. my work is mostly sitting near computer, i wanna decrease my back wht kind of exercise is better for me to follow every day.. even i started gng to gym from pass 2 days bt whn im at home or regularly whn i sit wt kind of exercise is better to follow… please help me out …. 🙂

  38. hi priyanka ,:-D
    i have many things tried to reduce my weight but nothing helped me so now i thing so that i tried to ur diet tips stating from tommorow …lets see how will this it help me end i promised to share my experience here again 🙂

  39. If I am doing exercise with this diet plan then what should be the time to drink meethi water before or after exercise?

  40. anybody of u have pcod. i to have pcod from last 3years . anybody want to share progress with me iam wainting

  41. May i get the deit plan for the 2nd month. I am following strictly from lasst 24 days and results are very good.

  42. *thankyou* for the diet plan, i’ll b starting it soon. At present i m 60kgs. n 5.4” tall, so i need to loose around 5kgs.. Can you pls tell me if i go for this plan for 1 month and loose weigth upto around 5-6 kgs. which will b enough for me than also i will have to follow this plan for some more months. PLZZZZZZZZZ let me know. And one more thing is that ki i’ll have to soak methii dana overnight or for sometime.


  43. what happens after following this diet for a month….do u continue or stop????
    how do u loose more weight or maintain the weight that is lost….wat is the follow up plan.

  44. Hey Prinyanka… Can we replace Methi seed with something else…? Fenugreek seeds genrate heat in body, I already have tremendous heat issues. Hopefully we can have a substitute. It will great 🙂 Its a very useful post though. Thank you *clap*

  45. Hi priyanka thank u so very much for sharing such an awesome plan…i just hope it works for me as well… from pakistan……..could u pls suggest me a susbtitute for amul lite butter and marie biscuits….i’ll be grateful…. 🙂

  46. Dear ,

    I have harmonica l problem as i don’t get regular dates , m so worried so even i can suicide because due to this i have increased with 10 kg wait i want to reduce that so my this prob get solved as Dr. said that Ur body getting air filled due to this i don’t want to go for medical treatment i want some natural steps for it to better ma self again in shape . pls help me i don’t like somebody call me mottii every tym ….as i have increased wait within 6 months form 52 — 62 now m sad pls help me i m ready to follow this plan will it work soon on me????

  47. Hi priyanka…..
    I am 22 years old and my weight is 56 kg.. last year I was diagnised from pcod…. did medication for 1 year but in vain…my wedding is in december of this year…..I need a diet plan which will help me in reducing weight and help in curing pcod…. can u plzz suggest me a diet plan for this and some exercises…..
    it will be of great help…..

  48. hello admin my age 45,my weight is 80 kg and my height is 5.2″ and i m patient of high BP and thyroid plz give me some suggestion to loose my weight,BP and thyroid…….

  49. Hi..I wake up at 7am in morning to leave for I am usually back by if there is any suggestion for my plan

  50. Nice one Priyanka 🙂 gonna start this from tomo:) hav got my cousins wedding in 26 days wanna badly lose weight for that:( hope this works

  51. Thank you so much for sharing this info. I tried everything, nothing worked…and then this plan did wonders

  52. Its,awesome diet plan nd its different thing is that nt hunger throughout a day i follow it tomorrow plz mail me 2nd mnth chart.Thx priyanka

  53. Hi there
    Priyanka Grt JOb

    very gud diet . i am going to follow from tommrow. loads of weight to shed . I hope it does wonders for me .

  54. hi priyanka
    i am glad to find such a wonderful diet plan. i will be taking it up from this monday. i request you to update another month’s plan as well as soon as possible. i am a very foodie person, loves junk to the core,fried items, rice, rajma, kadhi etc .,the things u have banned on. i wana lose about 15 kgs from my body and i know with this diet i would definitely make it possible. i just wanna know that once i shed weight and leave on the diet plan, will i start gaining again ..?? 🙁 🙁
    rpl soon.

  55. Hi sorry i read this post of your so late but really want to start this plan from Monday . To check the results . But i would love if you can suggest me that dietician also who made this plan will be very greatfull . Will wait for your response.


  56. hi priyanka… i m aarti from amritsar, The article was very inspiring,ilove ur article…..
    i m 38,my weight is62,height4;11 daily i was doing exercise with tradmill,i workout 15min in the morning&15mins in the evening. daily i burn 150 calories.from 1 month.i dosnt loose my weight,from today i also start ur diet plan.i want to do my blood test,can u suggest me which test i do.

  57. Hi Priyanka,

    Must say, very good article. I am also suffering from PCOD problem and was searching for correct diet plan.. Thanks for sharing it with us.. Will start this program as well and hope will get positive result.
    Regarding Work out i use to do power Yoga (Surya Namaskar) 10 sets, is it OK? Rather then doing aerobics?

  58. Hi, thanks to both of you. I know this post is very old but I just saw this and found it easy to follow.
    I am just wondering if we need to follow the same diet till we reach our goal or there is any change. Your reply would be highly appreciated. Thanks once again. Pooja

  59. Hi Priyanka,
    Wheat bran is not easily available in place where I reside .I wanted to substitute jowar flour instead of wheat bran in your diet schedule.Is it recommended? Thanking you in anticipation of a favourable reply.

  60. Hi Priyanka, I am really amazed with the result. I started this diet only on 9th July and with in 2 days , I am really glad. Thanks once again. Shall keep you posted.

    1. Hi Girls,

      I am not sure if anybody is reading this post and comments but I still would like to share that I have completed the 1st week diet and I am so glad to share that I have lost around 2.3Kgs weight in the first week. Looking forward to drop more 🙂

      Thanks a ton Priyanka and Rati

  61. hi Priyanka,,….

    I am 5.4′ in height and weight is 92 kgs…..I want to loose 30 kg…..I m strting this diet plan from tomorrow..hopw I will loose more..

  62. Hi Priyanka,

    Thank you soooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhh! Its a great diet plan and i did follow it. And i lost about 5.5Kgs. I really need the second month plan now as i am on the last day of the diet plan. Even my friends are following it. It really worked.

    Pleaseeeeeeeee responddddddddddd Priyanka.

    Awaiting for your response!!!!!!!!!!


  63. Thanks alot for this wonderful post Priyanka..I am going to follow this from tomorrow morning.. keeping my fingers crossed.

  64. Dear Priyanka,

    Thanks for sharing your experience and the diet plan. i have lost around 26 kgs but need to loose more to have a perfect figure.. but now my weight is not getting down. I’ll apply this diet plan from tommorrow, lets hope for good.. :)..


  65. hi i m 14 years old 80 kgs and want to loose 10 to 15 kgs in 30 days…please give me a diet chart wich i can follow and loose weight from 7:10 to 2 pm i am in school and from 4:30 to 6:30 in tuetion so please make a suitable chart for me.Thanks in advance….

  66. Hi Priyanka I am following your diet plan from last 3weeks and I have lost a3kg wt. can u send the 2nd week plan as I want to lose 10-15 kg. Thanks in advance.

  67. heyy…..what after the 1st month?? do we have to follow the same in the next month??? kindly reply soon

  68. i like yr plan after ist month over what would be the diet plan for keep it fit ? aso do yu have to continue put wheat bran in yr chapati?

  69. After 4 weeks of following this vegetarian diet plan how many calories should I eat? Meaning what daily calorie intake should I consume? Thank you!

  70. Hi priyanka & Rati
    Started ur diet from Monday n today is Saturday.before starting the diet I had hurt my knee while on treadmill so got ligament tear n twisted my foot n got hairline I’m on bed rest now but following ur diet.cant do any excersie or skipping coz of slip disc n can’t cross my legs n sit as I got miniscul tear operated so since thn I can’t fold my left I’m in real dilemma that can I still loose wt only by controlling my diet?can I have wheat chappati than bran coz I don’t live in India n not sure if I’ll get it here…pls reply so that I can proceed like that…thx

  71. awesome diet chart it really works thanks priyanka i m following this chart and i have got excellent weight lose thank u so much for sharing your knoladge with us 🙂

  72. Hi Priyanka..

    Could you please suggest me something ??

    My mother who is 55 years old , her height is 5 feet and her weight is 72 kg.
    she needs to reduce her weight. Can she follow this diet chart ?

  73. *thankyou* im hoping this diet is gonna work… ivee tried everything and im hoping this one will make a difference!!!!

  74. Hi Rati/Priyanka,
    This is the first Diet plan i have ever liked. Ummm, I m planning to follow it. I m a Gym person but due to my work commitments i m unable to dedicate my time ..I m disappointed the way my wight increases every time i quit Gym. Actually, i m going through PCOD problem. I m Gyming for 3 hrs, 5 times a week from last 3 and half years. But weight reduction is not in proportion with my hard work. Do u think, This diet plan will help me. I weigh 62 Kg, my height is 5-3″. Kindly suggest best to me as its my marriage in October and i want be as leaner as possible. HELP!!


  75. hi priyanka

    i saw ur diet pln and i wanna loose my weight 5 kg plse tell me subsitute of methi seeds bcose methi seeds not suits me.plseeeee asap

    waiting ur reply……………………………

  76. thank u so much for sharing this diet chart .u hv asked to drink the methi soaked water as soon as 1 wakes up i m confused what to do first since i need to take my thyroid medicine as soon as i get up. so what should i do?
    when should we exercise if we hv the water first then it wil make us feel heavy right ?

  77. hi, i have been following this diet for 3 weeks now. the first two weeks i lost 2.5 kg, but the third week was disrupted due to some family emergencies and i may have gained some weight 🙁 im beginning the 4th week anyway today.

    I need to continue this diet for a few months. my question is, after the end of 4th week, will i start again from 1st week or should i follow something even lighter?? wouldnt the relatively heavy first week diet again increase weight? please explain.

  78. Hi,

    I just started following this diet 2 days ago. Today is my third day and I have lost 1 kg.

    Thanks for sharing this diet with us. I hope I will be able to follow it for whole month.

  79. Hi rati,
    Thanks for such good diet chart.but my question is that im34 years women. And I have. Less calciumm in my bones. And if I add more of milk and cued in my diet, then will it effecct your given diet plan.

  80. Hey priyanka such a nycc diet plan..i thnk it will be realy helpful by following..i am gonna start it definitely by tommorow and m luking fwd loosing around 4-6 kgs in a month by following ur diet plan 🙂 please jst tel me cant v hav simple atta roti instaed of bran mix roti and instead of having popcorn can v hav fruit lyk apple??? waitng for ur reply *thankyou*

  81. I followed dis chart and it was really effective..I lost almost 7 kilos..I would like to if we can follow this even after 2 months so as to lose a couple of kilos more.

  82. hi u know i badly want to loose weight but the problem is im a person who is not able to stick to the plan very easily.i give up very fast :'(

  83. Hi Priyanka,

    Thanks for sharing this diet. I think its really useful..I will start it from next week..and thanks for informing me about PCOD..I think I need to check it for me..thank you thank you thank you

  84. Hi I want to loose my weight 10k pls send me diet plan in my email and where I can get methi seeds and is it I need to follow on time thanks

  85. i have started ur diet plan from yesterday …can i know if we dont have tulasi as we are staying in NZ … so can I continue with methi seeds for the 2nd week diet plan ?
    Thanks priyanka

  86. Hi,

    My name is Ankita. I’m 25 years old, my weight is 81 and my height is 167cms. I want to lose maximum weight until March 2014. I just enrolled at a gym and go regularly at 6am. Kindly advise.


  87. hi ,
    I am following this diet plan is my 4th week ..
    I lost 4 kg. in these 3 weeks //
    thanks for sharing this diet plan

  88. *drool* hiii—-maam
    i feel very occupied fr my health…i’m 58 ..r 4″8.
    so i just … frusted .& want to do exercise & diet plan….so plz guide me….maam

  89. Priyanka I have been diagnosed by hypothyroidism and have gained a lot of weight….the thyroid patients are not supposed to take SPINACH,SPROUTS,DRY FRUITS ,PEANUTS in their diet…kindly suggest me the replacement for Almonds…….have to reduce weight which is affecting my relationship and my mental health.even have stopped to go out with my husband and son……I basically have thigh fatness

  90. Very well written Priyanka! The diet has some good tips which I think everyone can incorporate as a part of their food habits whether weight loss is the motive or not. *thankyou*

  91. Hi Priyanka, I am from Johannesburg, South Africa, One night I was just going through your post and decided to give it a try. I was 105 Kgs before but after I strictly followed your plan,I lost 12 Kgs in a month (with 1hr cardio at gym).

    Your diet plan worked perfectly, Will start again from 15th Jan as I need to lose 10 more Kgs (even white girls at my office started looking at me), I don’t have words to THANK YOU.

    Please accept a BIG HUG from me.

    Keep well

  92. hey priyanka,

    I also have pcod and I am also gaining weight mostly around my waist and thieghs.
    I will start ur diet plan but I need some answers weather I should soak methi at night or morning, and vegetables means it cooked as usual in the house or only boiled. please suggest


  93. hi i started ur diet plan on is friday…i see a kind of swelling on my face that i did not have earlier….i checked the net for information…as i doubted i was skeptical about methi seeds soaked in water ..information says it does cause swelling to some people…i a switch to warm water with lemon instead it sounds safer….
    one more thing…there is no intake of curd or buttermilk in ur diet it a problem to include the same any one)

  94. Hi Priyanka,

    Thank you Very much for posting this diet.I have finished 2 weeks of my diet. It is all good . I have lost 2.5 kgs.and now I am in 3rd week. For 3rd week it is said that ‘3 pcs steamed or roasted chicken or fish + salad (non vegetarians’ for dinner, Can you please explain what does it mean by 3 pcs of chicken?? because pieces may be big / small. Is there a way to measure it by grams.

  95. hi i wrote earlier too…ur plan is grt..thanks a ton for it…..
    i am following it apart from the methi seeds soaked in water….. as that does not suit by body…
    is it ok to consume a glass of buttermilk?
    thanks again for ur diet plan

  96. Hi group
    my 2nd kid is 9 mons. after my c section i have gained 8 kgs. im 5.3 currently weighing 63. i want to get back to my original shape. I saw the threads in this site, i just have a doubt. following different food at different meals is little impossible for me. Will it be effective if i take wheat/brown bread instead of chapati. may be like all 3 meals can i take just 2 brown breads with salads will be helpful to loose calories. pls share your views

  97. Hi Priyanka…I loved your diet plan and I am very much interested in following the same.
    Can you please let me know if we need to soak methi and tulsi in water overnight?

  98. Hii,
    I just loved this weight loss plan n have already started.Is there any other alternative for tulsi leaves as its hard to get tusli leaves in ksa.thanks.

  99. This is an awesome diet plan that i have seen… I want to do exercise at gym and burn out 500 calories following this diet… is that ok.. hope i will loose some weight. I am of 165lb now and want to reduce upto 145lb.please help me in this regard.

  100. Hi Priyanka, please tell me when is the best time to excercise? as in this chart their isn’t any appropriate time mentioned.

  101. Diet plan sounds really good. I want to ask what if tulsi leaves aren’t available. I haven’t seen tulsi leaves in my locality. So, any substitute?parsley, cilantro??? What if on weekends i don’t follow the routine??

  102. hey , I hav started following ur diet chart. Please share more tips…as in what are foods or fruits responsible for weight loss. I want to shed off fast without exersize.

  103. Hi priyanka,
    Thanks for sharing this valuable piece of info with us.
    I have to wake up even earlier,i.e., around 6 a.m since I have to leave by 8 for station. Can I arrange my diet plan accordingly. For example: if i wake up at 6 then may I have the 9 am scheduled item at 7 am and so on..
    And how should I schedule my workouts with this diet plan.

  104. Hello Priyanka…. thank you so much for the wonderful diet plan for the month…. will follow this and update you on how much i lost 🙂

  105. this diet chart sounds intresting and im all ready to follow it as i have followed many diets till date and lost 10 kgs weight wid lots of gym n vigrous excercise earlier but after mairrage it came back soon now its has gone up from 60 kgs to 73 kgs.i ll definately follow ur diet hope it ll do miracle for im vry upset wid my weight as all point it out n i also look out of shape.
    ll definately resond after a month

  106. Hi there… Just read ur whoe diet plan… Have been following it few months ago…but nw I must say I need to follow it religiously to drop more pounds 😀 … You have not mentioned about taking GREEN TEA/ LEMON TEA . Kindly update on this ASAP as I dnt wanna waste any 1 more day.. *scared* Awaiting your valuable reply.. *thankyou*

  107. Hi Priyanka, I m following ur diet plan and have reduced the enough weight now that I want to know a fitness plan so that I can maintain my weight… Can u please send me a personal mail regarding this or write a new article on it.i m waiting for ur reply on this…thanks a lot …

  108. Hi….
    My name is Anjali n i am 18yr old n my weight is 90kg n need to reduce 30 kgs. Bt i got dignosed n i hv high insulin levels in my blood & pcos. plz recomed me a diet that helps me in reducing my weight from 1st week itself. *cry*

    1. hey,

      Even i am a PCOD victim with high levels of insulin… I have tried swimming and even yoga along with cardio for a span of around 5-6 months.. But that hardly seems to affect my weight.. Plz let me know if you get a solution to lose weight. *cry*

  109. hey hi
    m going to start this diet in 2 -3 days n hope for great results
    i hv been tryin many but never worked so tryin for dis now…
    n yess i dnt lk to exercise daily bt for dis diet would do it!!!!!
    i saw many posts which gave great results n so wanna do *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou*

  110. Hi…please advise…I can’t drink two glasses of water on an empty stomach as I feel vomitish…can I skip it or drink after eating something like a biscuit etc

  111. Hi, I am used to having one cup of coffee with 1/2 tspoon sugar in double toned milk. Can I start my day with methi seeds and have coffee one hour after methi seeds water ??

  112. hi priyanks well must say your diet plan is great will start from tomorrow have read almost all d posts. and its actually easy not a hard one to follow. thanks .

  113. Thanks for your beautiful and intellectual blog
    Suggest some also diet plan for fast
    I am fasting on Monday.
    It will be greatful. *happydance*

  114. Hey, just wanted to ask a question, in lunch and dinner where you have writtn one katori vegetable. that means dal or sabzi? coz usually for lunch and dinner i have one katori dal and one katori sabzi with bran ki roti.
    Please let me know if i can do that or do i need to have only one of the two. And which one for dinner and which one for dinner. Coz dal and sabzi have different nutrient contents!

    Thank you

  115. hi..
    Last yr. I followed thie diet plan for one month and had very gud experience,lost about 4 kg.. can I have something differ from this diet to follow again..thanks

  116. Hi i m following ur diet.i want to ask that can’t we substitute methi seeds with something else coz i feel like vomiting while having it.plz rply soon

  117. Hi.. 🙂
    I am thinking to start up with this diet plan but I really feel that the mentioned quantity will leave me hungry. I mean I generally take 2 chappatis at least. Can we adjust it a little bit according to our appetite level?? Secondly can I take plain buttermilk or yogurt along with meals?

  118. Hi..Thank you, Priyanka for sharing this diet plan..i was doing zym from last 3 months and i lost6 actually tonned my body and was also following less calories intake plan but there was no specifc diet plan. I think it can help me to reduce more weight because my weight is 66 right now and i have to reach 50 according to my BMI…! I will follow this diet plan with excercise and will defiitely share the results!!!

  119. Hi Priyanka,
    Actually I have to reach office within 8:30-9 a.m *waaa* . I have to wake up at 6:30 a.m. Is this diet plan will be same for me?? I didn’t go to gym and don’t get so much time for it. What will be the solution.?

  120. hello dear,
    i am a stay at home mum of 3, i am extremely obese, i am a muslim, ramadan is going to start soon, i am very interested in following this diet but the ramadan timing for consumption of food r different, we will have 1 meal before the break of dawn and then we will fast until dusk when we break the fast, from that time on until dawn next morning we can eat anything.
    kindly advise me on how to follow this diet during this month
    i will be much obliged
    thank you

  121. Hi
    I m lose 2kg in 8days..Dont use oil and salt..nd use only black tea 2times a rice soupe( kanji) 2 time.its wrking..its my experience..avoide mango and banana.use milk mix with half glass water..on time

  122. Hi Priyanka, thanx for sharing this diet chart 🙂 i just to know whether to mix wheat bran with atta or make roti directly wid wheat bran…earlier i had mixed bran with atta to make roti…pls let me know.

  123. what kind of vegetables can we add in salad?

    when to workout? eg: morning or evening?

    can we do walking/jogging for an hour instead of aerobics?

    what kind of vegetable can we cook for dinner?

    and at last is this diet applicable for 14/15 year old school going kid?

    P.S thanks for such a great diet chart *thankyou*

  124. Hi priyanka I followed this diet plan and lose 4 kg in one month please. Forward me second month plan or post please

  125. Have been struggling and finally found this site and the diets
    look good.

    What about Water? Most diets say must drink at least 2 litres
    of water.

  126. Hi priyanka…..
    I am 20 years old and my weight is 60 kg…is this diet really helpful for losing weight?..plz tell me…

  127. Hi Priyanka,

    Its an great diet plan, I want to follow this diet chart.

    Am 24 years old & having 75kg, next year am getting married, I want to lose minimum 15 kg.. Please help me out.

  128. Hi
    Its a great inspiring diet.
    Its mentioned no salt after 7:30!! Does it mean no salt throughout the month?
    Please clarify.

  129. Hi,

    I think this is the best diet plan available till now….n best thing about it is that it is convenient to follow…and on the same it wont make you feel starved.
    Thanks a lot for sharing it..


  130. Have started with this diet Priyanka.. but i just cant do without my morning tea.. i have it aftr hving methi water n peopercorn. Is it ok? Or shud i give a gap aftr methi water for tea? And if yes then how much?? I start my day at 9:30 because I have a lil baby who gets up at nite all the time. So both of us get up by 9:30. U think is it ok if I alter the timings…like evrything on the chart is one n a half hours late??

  131. Hi.
    I m a 25 yr old and have a serious prob of pcod and onesity. I need to know what diet should i follow to loose a good amount of weight.

  132. I’m overweight by 56kg and I have a thyroid problem. what diet should I go on. I don’t eat cakes and lots of fatty foods. please help

  133. sorry..but dis diet is very useless 4 me..bcj i hve follw dis since 15 days but still the weight is same…hows ds posible even i workout for 1 hour and strctly follow this at d end i m so depressed abt dis..
    hey nyone cam gve me ans y all dia happen ….

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