How To Make a Big Nose Look Smaller

everyone is born with chiseled features and a sharp nose.  Do you know some Asian women use a kind of nose clip which helps them to shape up their nose! While some opt to go under the knife to shape up their nose, there are much safer and less weirder options available that will help you to camouflage your lesser flattering nose and will help you in drawing attention away from the nose.  Of course, use these tips only if you are trying hard to make your nose less noticeable; if you are happy with your nose and other features, we are happy for you! Check out some tips from us:

How To Make a Big Nose Look Smaller

Ways to Make Big Nose Look Smaller

1.  Contouring:  Contouring is an amazing makeup technique that would help you to not only shape your nose to look thinner, it can also give you a structured jawline, higher cheekbones, and also smaller forehead, and an overall face lift with the help of contouring products.  You can also hide double chin using contouring method.  We have a post on IMBB on how to contour your face with makeup here. The method is explained in detail there.

2.  Nose Clip:  As mentioned earlier, Asian women a kind of nose clip that they claim helps them to shape their nose, there’s no harm in trying, right?

3.  Hairstyles:  There are some hairstyles which you can particularly sport to draw attention away from your nose.  Avoid going for short haircuts as it will emphasize your facial features.  Go for feathered and layered cuts which will frame your face.  Avoid wearing your hair in tight ponytails, messy side braids and ponytails are a good option.

How To Make a Big Nose Look Smaller

4.  Applying Bright Lipstick:  Here’s another trick to play up other features on your face.  Apply lipsticks in bright colors – reds, peaches, coral, fuchsia all will make your lips the center of everyone’s attention.  Moreover, you will look diva like and nobody would bother about your bulbous nose.

How To Make a Big Nose Look Smaller

5.  Blot that oily nose:  This is the most important and the best tip that I can give you.  Oiliness and shine on the T-zone and nose will instantly draw attention to your nose and so it’s important that you blot away all the oiliness.  Also, before doing makeup, rub an ice cube over the nose area to tighten the pores so that the area does not become oily too quickly.  Also, do not forget to apply loose powder after you are done with the makeup.  At all costs, keep the oil away from the nose!

How To Make a Big Nose Look Smaller

6.  Smokey eyes:  Another awesome way to play up your other facial features.  Smokey eyes and beautiful eye makeup wouldn’t let the focus shift to the nose and you will get lot of compliments too!

How To Make a Big Nose Look Smaller

These were my two cents on this topic, please do comment and let me know if you have more tips/tricks up your sleeve 😛

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6 thoughts on “How To Make a Big Nose Look Smaller

  1. amazing tips. :thankyou: contoring powder are not so much available in india as in abroad stocks them
    and they are in nearly all drugstore products.

    i have seen those nose clip.. they work very nicely. but maybe not availble here i guess .. any ideas ?

    m big fan of bright lips :claps:

  2. Try buying one of those nose right tool. I have using that from 1months, now some people say my nose looks smaller.

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