How to Make a Matte Finish Lipstick at Home

Hey, lovelies!

I am super obsessed with matte lip colors. The other day I was out shopping with my husband when I spotted a gorgeous peach matte lip color. I really wanted to buy it but my husband was so against that shade. So, I didn’t buy it and moved on. When I came back home, I decided to create a peach matte lip color for myself. Hence, finally I tried this DIY and, I must say, I am quite impressed. You can also make a matte finish lip color at home in the shade of your choice. Want to know how? Then, just keep reading. 🙂

matte lipstick

You need:

• An eyeshadow single or palette
• A nail filer
• An empty container
• A lip brush
• Vitamin E oil
• An earbud
• Any foundation of your choice


Step one:
Take an empty container and pump in some foundation. This foundation will work as the base of your lipstick and give it a beautiful satin matte finish.

Step two:
Add two-three drops of Vitamin E oil. Vitamin E oil won’t affect the formula of the lipstick and keep your lips beautifully moisturised.

Step three:
Scrape off any eyeshadow of your choice and add it to the foundation. We are using eyeshadow for the pigment. I chose an orange eyeshadow so that it creates a beautiful peach shade. You can use any shade of your choice or even mix and match to create a unique shade.

Step four:
Mix the eyeshadow with other ingredients. Mix everything well so that there are no lumps and you get a perfect, smooth finish on your lips.


So, here it is! The perfect peach lip color. You can mix and match and create any shade you like for your lips. Since the formula is matte to semi-matte, the color easily survives a meal and lasts super long on the lips. I hope you liked this DIY and would love to try it out. See you all soon. 🙂

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