How To Make Clear Envelope Clutch: Do It Yourself

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How To Make Clear Envelope Clutch: Do It Yourself

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Today, I will be sharing a very interesting and creative DIY. I will be showing how to make a transparent clutch using simple plastic folders. This is a no sew clutch. Transparent/clear clutches and bags are very “in” this year. They come in all forms right from box clutches made out of acrylic to soft clutches and bags. Rati also recently posted one box clutch in one of her OOTDs. This trend is very hot on runways this summer, right from Stella McCartney to Marc Jacobs, everybody is flaunting them. My inspiration is from a Prada clutch I saw in Vogue USA last month.

Things you will need:

How To Make Clear Envelope Clutch 2

  • Transparent folder/sheets.
  • A pair of scissors.
  • Glue.
  • Cello tape.
  • Markers.
  • Snap buttons.
  • Some pretty stones/rhinestones.


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  • The folders that I have taken are open ended from one side and one side is sealed. First measure the length for your flap, which will come by overlapping the one end of the same sheet.
  • Envelope Clutch 2

  • Mark the points and draw a line with a marker. Now, cut the sealed side up to the markings. Now, cut the sheet along the length of the folder (along the line drawn).
  • Envelope Clutch 3

  • Now, trim the sealed side just like the flap. Now, you will have both the sides open. Join them either with glue or use a strip of transparent cello tape.
  • Envelope Clutch 4

  • Now, mark the two points where you would like to attach the snap buttons. Now, paste the snap buttons both on the flap and the front side.
  • Envelope Clutch 5

  • Similarly attach the snap buttons on both the ends.
  • Envelope Clutch 6

    Envelope Clutch 7

  • Now to cover the snap button, paste one rhinestone on top of the flap and let it try. Do it on both ends.

Envelope Clutch 8

Voila, your no-sew clear clutch is all set to be used and all the contents are easily available at home.

Envelope Clutch 10

Envelope Clutch 11

Envelope Clutch 14

Quick Tips:

  • If you do not want to use glue, you can stitch the snap buttons.
  • To add more fun, use some neon colored threads and sew it around all corners to add a little dash of neon.
  • Add some sequins and studs to make it more appealing.
  • Using the same method, you can make some visiting card holders/goodie bags and so on.

So ladies, try it and enjoy!!

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