How To Make Different Hair Parting Styles

Hair Parting is the smallest significant factor that is hardly considered by any one of us. When you want to style your hair, you only consider which hairstyle, hair texture and the hair color suit me. Have you ever thought about different innovative ways for hair partition?

How To Make Different Hair Parting Styles

Parting your hair in the most perfect way can help you to look younger but at the same time wrong hair parting without proper knowledge and bad execution can pull down your features and make you look old. Many Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities have experienced a change in their personal life due to good hair parting. Let’s check out the different parting styles….

1. Straight Clean Parting Style

How To Make Different Hair Parting Styles

Straight clean parting style is the most common style carried by almost every woman, you just need to take a comb and part your hair in two equal parts. The clean partition from the middle looks excellent which suits women with all face shapes whether you flaunt them open or tuck it tight as a high bun. You can leave them a bit frizzy or set it appropriately with the help of a gel.

2. Deep Right Side Parting Side

How To Make Different Hair Parting Styles

You might have observed the deep right side parting style with many of the celebrities. They have accepted the new trend of hair partition and carried it well. The end of the arch is taken into consideration while swiping your hair towards the left direction.
Take a comb and swipe all your hair towards the left side making sure that the partition looks clean and deep towards the right where your brow arch ends. Parting the hair from the lower side makes you look trendy, classy and also pulls down your age making you look 10 years younger. If you have a round and fuller face, right side parting will help to make your face appear slim.

3. Deep Left Side Parting
Deep left side parting is not a look carried out by many women, as it is bit uncomfortable and need patience to keep them well maintained towards the opposite side of the scalp. Left side parting bring focus to your left eye and covers the forehead too. Deep side parting should be a good pick for women with a broad forehead, which is one of the most common and discussed problems.
To get this look, take a comb and pull all your hair towards the right side considering the end of your brow arches. Make sure the partition looks clean and smooth towards the edges.

4. Slightly Straight Parting Style

How To Make Different Hair Parting Styles

Many of us are blessed with good hair, where you have a natural parting and you don’t need to struggle to achieve it. For a slight parting, part your hair as usual towards your left or right, then take the front bangs and swipe it to the opposite direction. For slight parting style, eye edges are taken into consideration. If you have an oval or heart face shape, you should try parting hair from the front. The best way to practice slight parting is to swipe the front hair bangs to the opposite direction soon after you take a bath. Let the hair dry completely in natural air, so that it sets well.

5. Curved Parting Style

This is a good parting style which needs no extra efforts and frames your facial features in the best way. Curved parting style is good for people want to flaunt their cheek bones. To get the curved parting style, part your hair from the front and then start moving slightly in the slanting direction. This looks a clean curve when observed properly, but you should take care about the type of comb you may be using while getting the curved partition.

6. Messy Parting Style

How To Make Different Hair Parting Styles

Now everything has gone messy, messy cloth combinations have also become the latest fashion. We get various guidelines and tutorials to maintain messy hair, so why not execute a messy hair partition. With this look, you may observe more than five partitions on hair moving in various vague directions. This is suitable for girls with oval face shape, as it helps to enhance the feature and give a bold look.

7. Zig Zac Parting Style

How To Make Different Hair Parting Styles

Wooh! You must have gotten this look by the name itself. Take a few strands of hair and swipe it to the right, now take another few strands and fix it in the left direction. Repeat this by taking another few more strands first in right and then in the left direction. Hair strands should not be of more than a centimeter. This is very easy to replicate making you look classy and beautiful. If you have a good volume hair, Zig Zac parting style will pump the volume and also add more elegance to it.

8. No Parting , Straight Back

How To Make Different Hair Parting Styles

Having no hair parting is also a great party idea. You just need to comb your hair back and tuck them with a studded hairpiece. A simple bun can also work.

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  1. Hi,
    Nice and informative.I usually take slight right parting and much more deep left parting.
    The right parting gives a much more Indian look I feel.But I get so many flyaways,whatever hairstyle I do,guaranteed it will become messy in no time 🙁

  2. I am a slightly-off middle part person , or that pull hair back tight person. The messy parting looks so good , need to try it out 😉 I love these posts

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