How to Make Green Tea Facial Mist

Hello people!
Today I have a face mist DIY for you all. I love using mists in summers, which is the most acknowledged season in India. These mists help a lot to soothe your skin when you come home from the harsh sun. Plus these are super simple and effective. I keep them in the fridge so whenever I’m back home, I make sure to wash my face and then spritz the mist on my face. Enough rambling, let’s get started on with the DIY!
face mist

1. Green Tea [Leaves or tea bags]
2. Lemon Essential Oil
3. Tea Tree Essential Oil
tea bags
essential oil

1. Prepare the green tea with/without using heat.
2. If you boil the tea, then allow it to cool down naturally and completely.
soak tea bag in water

3. Then add in 5 drops each of Lemon and Tea tree oil.

4. I personally love the combination of Green tea and lemon oil. It just smells amazing that way.
added essential oil

5. Tada! Your simple facial mist is ready to be popped into the fridge. Let it chill in there for 15-20 minutes before using.

1. Always start off with a clean face. We don’t want all the dirt sticking on the face to cause skin problems, do we? No!
2. Take out the mist from the fridge and spritz it all over your face from a distance of 5 cms.
3. Let it seep through the skin for 15-20 minutes.
4. Either wipe it off using a damp cloth or wash with plain cold water to close the pores.

final mixture swatch

Benefits of this DIY:

Green Tea:
1. It helps to rejuvenate the skin and adds a soft glow to the face.
2. It reduces acne, fights signs of ageing and minimizes pore size.
3. It works similar to a skin toner and evens out complexion
4. Also used to treating under eye circles and puffy eyes.

Tea Tree Oil:
1. Tea Tree oil is known for its anti-bacterial properties. Hence it’ll take care of all the zits and pimple on your face and give you smooth pimple-free skin if used regularly.
2. It also acts as a natural makeup remover. So it breaks down the little makeup that your makeup remover couldn’t remove and give you squeaky clean face.

Lemon Oil:
1. Lemon is usually known for cleansing our body, but it can be used on the face too.
2. It’ll break down the dirt, makeup and other nasty stuff from your face and give you a clean base.
3. It also helps to fight acne, remove blackheads and gives you supple skin.
4. Lemon oil also helps to improve the complexion of your skin and reduce tan.

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