How to Make Herbal Bath Powder: DIY

Herbal bath powder is the term which we have been listening since a long time ,some may know about it ,some may not,some may be using it,and some may want to use it but cant due to the non availability.So here I am sharing you the recipe of herbal bath powder taught to me by my grand mom[love you ammamma].To people who dont know about it ,this is nothing but a natural dry scrub wash for our body,which cleanses,soothes and scrubs at the same time.

DIY Herbal Bath Powder

Essential Ingredients-[all in powder forms]
Vattivellu[khus khus]-20grams.
Sugandha kachuralu[Curcuma zedoaria,Shati in Sanskrit]-20grams.
Kasturi turmeric[haldi]-20grams.
Normal turmeric[haldi]-5grams[use less as it stains the skin].
Rose petal powder-20grams.
lemon peel powder-20 grams.
Sandalwood powder-10grams.
Neem leaf powder-20grams[acts as preservative so this herbal bath powder have long shelf life].
Essential oil of your choice.

Base ingredients-

Rice powder-100grams.
Green gram powder-100grams .
Chick pea powder[besan]-100grams.
The consistency of base ingredients should neither be too fine nor too coarse ,just like  your normal body scrub.

bath powder 1


Mix all the essential and base ingredients well so that every thing is mixed properly,and store it in a dry air tight jar,this mixture will last you for almost 3 months even if used regularly[In addition you can also add some camphor for a nice fragrance]. If you feel the mixture is too strong ,dilute it by adding some more base ingredients.

Uses of ingredients we used

Vattivellu[khus khus]Sugandha kachuralu[Curcuma zedoaria,Shati in Sanskrit]Bavanchalu[Babachi]-This cleanses the skin and provides the freshness and adds to the fragrance,and cools down the skin.

Neem-Acts as preservative and anti microbial.
Liquorce-This is useful in dealing with hyper pigmentation.
Kasturi and normal turmeric-These are also useful in dealing with hyper pigmentation and has anti microbial action.
Sandalwood-this adds more freshness, cooling effect and also deals with hyper pigmentation.

herbal bath powder

How to use

Mix 3 tablespoons of this mixture with either normal water/rose water and use instead of soap for bath.Mix one teaspoon of this with one spoon of milk/curd and apply as face pack.Can be safely used on children also but in much diluted concentrations.

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