How to Make Infused Water and its Benefits

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Today, I am here to tell you about a life changing decision I made 2-3 months ago, how it benefited me and everything else you need to know! 🙂

How to Make Infused Water and its Benefits4

Water is the basic need for survival. We do know about loads of beauty and health benefits that come along, but how about making water a tad bit more nutritious and healthy? Amazing, isn’t it? So, here comes ‘Infused Water’. Infused water is simple: take water, add extra nutrients from vegetables and fruits and there you go, a healthy way of living. You are doubly benefited! So, read through for few recipes I follow, their nutritional benefits and the positive effects I have had from them.

Preparing infused water is easy. You add different fruits and veggies you need to the water (the quantity depends on how strong you want the flavor to be) and keep it overnight or 10-12 hours so that the water absorbs the benefits from the fruits and veggies added. The infusion needs at least 3 hours. In the morning, you can just add some ice cubes, strain and drink or just leave the fruits there and drink the refreshing water!

Some Reminders:
• The nutrients leak out of the fruit and give flavor to the water, but make sure you wash the veggies and fruits properly, you do not want to drink water with pesticides
• Water infused with fleshy fruits like watermelon, berries need to be consumed within a day or two as they breakdown and turn mushy
• Lime, lemon, orange, pineapple and apple are the best ways to add flavor as well as nutrients
• Wait! The fruits and veggies that are strained out do not go waste, you can blend them, add some turmeric and besan and apply to your body and face and give yourself a fruit spa, I bet you will glow!

Of course, there would be another question which popped out when I started the first time:
How is it different from eating a fruit? Well, the answer is that there is not much difference but,
– You can still eat the fruit after infusing and get double benefits
– Sour fruits like lime and lemon can be eaten only when there is sugar added and making this infusion is an easy way
– You can infuse fruits and veggies you don’t like and still get the benefits from them
– Keeps you energized and refreshed with every sip of water you have


Lemon and Mint

How to Make Infused Water and its Benefits

This is my favorite one. It lasts longer than any other infused water. Take a lemon and cut it, if you do not like the bitter taste you can remove the skin, and add 8-10 mint leaves in 2lts water. Let it sit overnight. Consume it as soon as you get up.

1.Ideal for weight loss – I am not going to comment on this as I am an avid eater, but for some reason my weight scale shows the same reading from past one month. Either the machine isn’t working or I have had some benefits
2. Vitamin C makes your skin glow and keeps it healthy
3. Cleanses liver
4. Mint aids digestion, nausea and adds flavor to the bitter lemon infused water
5. It also eliminates bad breath

Lemon, Mint and Ginger

How to Make Infused Water and its Benefits5

The recipe and benefits are same as above. With ginger added, it boosts the immunity system and aids nausea.

Cucumber Infused Water


Add slices of cucumber to water and let it sit overnight.

-Keeps you hydrated: Drinking this regularly makes you flush out the toxins, you tend to go to pee more than you do normally and that’s a sign of toxins getting away from your body.
– Controls cravings; just drink some cucumber water and you will feel fuller.
– Cucumber has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

Berries and Basil (or Tulsi)

How to Make Infused Water and its Benefits1

Add available berries like blueberries, strawberries, raspberries etc and add some basil or tulsi to water and let it sit overnight.

– Berries are loaded with antioxidants and are a must for 25+ ladies to make sure that their skin stays young
– They boost immunity and contain Vitamin C
– Raspberries and blackberries have high fiber content which is good for bowel movement.
– The black color of the berries also shows that they prevent cancer.
– Basil is a stress buster and drinking water mixed with basil during your periods replaces the iron lost from your body.

Fruit Water

How to Make Infused Water and its Benefits3

This recipe is also very simple, but do keep in mind that you cannot store this for long and has to be consumed quickly and fresh. Take dices of fruits like melons, apple, lime, pineapple and cube them and add to fresh cool water. The choice of fruits is yours. This water is perfect when you need a dose of energy and it also helps in keeping your skin glow and healthy.

So, these are the few recipes of infused water I use, but you can always be experimental. My most common and favorite infused water is lime and mint. In vegetables, I always prefer cucumbers and when tried with others, the flavor and taste was almost pale so I skip them, but you can try once to check if you are cool with it.

There are no preservatives in this drink so it is better if consumed fresh. Refrigeration helps, but we do know that drinking cold water is not very good for our health, so prefer water at room temperature or slightly chilled water. Also, do know the effects are not always immediate and you need to follow a regime of drinking infused water daily for a period of time.

So go ahead, try the infused water and beat the summer and all the seasons to follow!

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  1. Lovely article Deepika. I also sometimes make cucumber, lemon and mint infused water and it helps with de-bloating. I prefer drinking it at room temperature and not chilled.

  2. Sounds amazing Deepika. Actually, I had heard about the cayenne pepper + grapefruit infused water, but these recipes sound way better 🙂

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