How To Make Kheer At Home (with Photos)

How To Make Kheer At Home (with Photos)

Hi IMBB Beauties,

I am back with my second article. I was free on last Sunday and thought of preparing kheer. Vermicelli kheer is quite common so I thought of adding few more things for mouth watering stuff. Please read below.

[Too many photos and too many steps please don’t mind on the length of the article.]

Ingredients List.
1. Vermicelli – 1 Cup.
2. Sabudana – 1 Cup.
3. Cashew – a few.
4. Water Melon Seeds .
5. Sugar – 1 ¼ cup.
6. Elaichi Powder – 2 Pinch .
7. Milk – 750 ML.




Method Of preparation:
Step One: Wash sabudana thoroughly and soak with just little water to keep them moist. Keep it covered for almost 8 hours before preparing the kheer. I soaked it previous night.
Note: Too much water may make sabudana sticky and messy. So just see that you balance it.
Step Two: Take a thick bottom vessel in which you would prefer doing kheer. Add 1.5 liters of water to that and keep it on the gas stove (See that the stove is on heeheee) once water starts boiling add the soaked sabudana into it and let it boil. It may roughly take 15 mins to boil.

Step Three: Meanwhile roast the cashew nuts, water melon seeds in a pan with one spoon ghee. First add cashew nuts to the pan fry them and then add water melon seeds.

Step Four: Remove the fried dry fruits and in the same pan fry the vermicelli. Fry till vermicelli turns golden brown.


Step Five: At the same time keep an eye on the boiling sabudana once it is completely boiled the bubbles disappears in the vessel and sabudana becomes very soft which can be mashed by our fingers. Once it reaches this stage add the roasted vermicelli to the vessel slowly by stirring continuous so that no lumps would be formed.


Step Six: Keep stirring the mixture and keep the flame low. Maintain the low flame and add milk to it. Now raise the flame to medium and let the kheer boil for some time. Vermicelli becomes soft and both sabudana and vermicelli blend together and we get that kheer consistency.

Step Seven: Now lower the flame and add sugar to the kheer. Sweetness is completely left to your choice. Here I have added 1 ¼ cup. [actually I was about to add only 1 cup but my mom has a sweet tooth and she insisted for another half cup but I bargained and ended up in adding another ¼ cup. I like mild sweetness]. Stir the mixture in low flame.


Step Eight: Now add roasted dry fruits in kheer and let it boil in low flame for 5 to 7 mins. Once the kheer gets a boil switch off the gas stove and then add elaichi powder. [Adding elaichi powder to any dish with flame on would take out its aroma so switch off the gas then add elaichi and immediately close the lid – this helps in enhancing the taste and aroma of any dish]


Step Nine: TADAAAAAAAA Kheer is ready .


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  1. Wow nice, i never ever made kheer till date, sirf mom ke haath ka khaya he !Nice one, ! :thumbsup:

  2. wow nice..u gals post it so nicely dat even a kamchor gal lyk me also feels lyk cooking nd eating gud stuff.. :huh:

  3. :yahoo: just yest i thot sum one shud post kheer on IMBB
    coz i have so much milk in the fridge :woot:
    m going to make pakka
    vermi bhi hai n sabu bhi hai ghar mey

  4. Vani……..yummy recipe……I am liking that IMBB junta is coming up with these kind of recipes…….and vani it really helps with so many pictures………….loved it

    1. Thanks a lot Jomol….. O:)
      actually i am following all your articles and comments from quite a sometime
      today got a chance to interact with you 🙂

      Me happy :yahoo:

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