How to Make Kulfi at Home| Indian Milk Icecream

Yummy Healthy Kulfi

My husband has a huge sweet tooth and he especially loves desserts made from milk. I love preparing his favorite recipes but in a healthier way. Here’s how I make one of his favorites, Kulfi!
Cooking Time: 3 hours
Serves: 6-8
2 liter’s toned milk
A pinch of saffron for color
3 tbsp sugar
A few golden raisins
4-5 green cardamom pods (elaichi)
9 special spoons Sugar Free Natura (it comes with its own special spoon. 1 special spoon = 1 tsp sugar)
For setting the Kulfi
8 Kulfi moulds
Cooking the recipe
I use 2 liters of toned cow milk. Full fat milk does give an added creaminess but I save calories by using toned milk. I also think that if cooked well, the taste difference is not that huge.
Begin by taking a heavy bottomed vessel. It is important that a pan with a thick bottom is used to avoid burning as we are going to cook the milk for a long time. Pour the milk in it and bring it to a boil.


Once the milk comes to a boil, let it simmer on a very low heat until it reduces to about 1/3rd its original quantity.
In the meantime, dissolve saffron strands in some warm milk and add to the boiling milk for great flavor and color.
After about an hour, the milk should have reduced by 1/3rd as below:

boil milk step 2
boil milk step 2


Make sure you stir the milk every few minutes to avoid burning. You can also scrape the sides of the vessel and add to the milk.

Here’s how it looks like after about 2 hours on a slow simmer (it has reduced to about half of the original quantity):

milk after 2 hours
milk after 2 hours

Until now, all we have done is stirring the milk at regular intervals and letting it reduce on its own.
Once it reduces to half the quantity, take a few raisins and add to the milk. The raisins will soak up the milk and plump in size by the time we are done.


Once the milk reduces further, take about 3-3.5 table spoons of sugar and toss in the pan. Make sure you don’t add the sugar too early in the process or it will burn.


Keep stirring every few minutes and in the meantime, take your cardamoms out of their pod and add to the milk once it has reduced to about 1/3rd of the original.


Don’t throw away the outer cardamom pods. I add them to my tea container for extra flavor and aroma.

tea container
tea container

Switch off the gas and remove the pan from the heat and add the 3 table spoons sugar equivalent (or 9 special spoons) of Sugar Free Natura and stir (we need about 6-6.5 tbsp of sugar in the whole recipe).
We have substituted half of regular sugar with artificial sweetener to save on the calories. I have tried substituting the whole quantity of sugar with Natura but the taste no longer remains the same and is a little off. I have found the perfect balance in using 50-50 but feel free to use any ratio you like.
Also, we don’t need to cook the artificial sweetener so add it only when you have removed the milk from the heat.


This is how it looks like when the milk has been reduced well and is ready to be put into the moulds. Remember to invest that extra time in letting the milk reduce well. Thicker milk makes creamy, rich and smooth kulfi’s.
Let the milk cool down a bit before spooning it into the moulds.


Put in the freezer for about 4-5 hours or more until these are set.
Once it’s ready, take it out with a butter knife (try loosening the sides with the knife and it will come out pretty easily). Yummy Kulfi is ready to eat!


If you want to have kulfi on a stick, take small bamboo or wooden sticks and halfway during the freezing time, when the kulfi has begun to set but not completely firm, insert the stick in the mould and let it set until it completely solidifies. Take out the same way using a butter knife and voila! Kulfi on a Stick is ready!

Do you make kulfi at home?

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