How to Make Leopard Print Bangles- Do It Yourself

How to Make Leopard Print Bangles-Do It Yourself

Hey girls!

I have always felt that animal prints look better on accessories, bags, shoes or slight detailing on clothes rather than on the enitre dress. Animal prints as we all know, never fail to make a statement. I wanted an animal print bangle for myself for days when I wear all black or any other solid color. But since I do almost all my accessories shopping from flea markets, I never got hold of a proper one. Today, I saw an old , unused wooden bangle in my bangle box and immediately thought of trying to transform it. Lets see how making my own leopard print bangles turned out to be.

leopard print bangles DIY10

For making your own leopard print bangles, you would need:

  • Old wooden bangle.
  • Nail paints in black, gold and orange colors.
  • Paint brush.

leopard print bangles DIY01

Step 1:

Clean the bangle and apply a layer of black nail paint all over it. You need not be too neat, it is just serving as a primer.

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leopard print bangles DIY02

Step 2:

Once the black one dries completely, apply a layer of golden paint. On drying apply a second coat of golden nail polish to get that smooth finish.

leopard print bangles DIY03


Now take a thin paint brush and draw dots with the black one as shown here. Don’t draw polka dots , they should have a rugged look.

leopard print bangles DIY04

Step 4:

Now take the orange nail paint and give dots with it in the center of those triangular black dots.

leopard print bangles DIY05

Step 5:

Now take the black paint again and roughly paint over the black spots just to increase the rugged look. Let it dry completely and you have your very own leopard print bangle! 😀

leopard print bangles DIY06

leopard print bangles DIY07

It should look like this!

leopard print bangles DIY08

leopard print bangles DIY09

Let your imagination go WILD girls! 😀 hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed making this. I would pair this with a black dress , nude glossy lips, heavy black smoky eyes and red heels how would you wear yours? Waiting for your comments.

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41 thoughts on “How to Make Leopard Print Bangles- Do It Yourself

  1. Ooooh. I really like this idea, Aparajita! 🙂 I will try making one for an upcoming birthday of a friend. I don’t wear much jewelry, so at least I’ll know it’s being put to good use! 🙂

  2. oh my dear nice idea.i have lots of bangles like this and u r a DIY queen keep rocking.will that nail polish won’t come off?

  3. Hey nisita.. I am not sure about chennai. Maybe our other readers will help u 🙂 try posting d question in ‘ask imbb’. Many will help u am sure 🙂

  4. Hey! I am Indian too (well, i live in Jakarta) I luv makin DIY jewelry too! Should check out polymer clay, I am sure you can trigger some cool ideas using them!

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