How To Make Lip Gloss At Home With Old Lipstick

Heylo All,

Here is my first attempt at making a lip gloss at home. Kindly don’t kill me if you find it difficult to follow or you think it isn’t creative at all. I made it sometime last year and totally forgot about it. I mean I use it but forgot to send it to IMBB. Only when Jomo gave me the idea to write something on DIY, I thought let me send this one.  It is a DIY process that uses some old lipsticks to make lip gloss.  Also, sorry for lesser number of pictures. I made it when I was not connected to IMBB and thus took the pictures only to please myself.

Old lipstick into lip gloss

Things Needed:

Lipsticks, a pot and a lip balm or olive oil or Boroline/Boroplus. The third ingredient totally depends on what you want to use.


  • Take an empty pot. I had finished using my Jovees lip balm, so I decided to use that lip pot.
  • How To Make Lip Gloss At Home With Old Lipstick

  • Cut down the lipsticks that you don’t use any more. I used my Rimmel lipstick in pink color and a Lakme nine to five lipstick.
  • How To Make Lip Gloss At Home With Old Lipstick

  • Add the third ingredient – olive oil, almond oil, Boroline/Boroplus, butter. You can use any of these or can even mix if you wish to use more of the third ingredient. Remember to add third ingredient in very less quantity. Around 4-5 drops of the oil is sufficient (this is based on the amount of lipsticks I cut down).
  • Mix all the ingredients with a spatula.
  • Store in refrigerator

How To Make Lip Gloss At Home With Old Lipstick

Yes, it is this simple. But here are few things that should be noted:

1. Before mixing the colors, be sure of the resultant color. Mix colors that you think would result in a color that you like.
2. Do not add butter as third ingredient. Butter has a tendency to melt at room temperature.
3. If you are adding oil, add in less quantity.  You can add more later on but please be cautious while adding it in the beginning as it can make the gloss runny.
4. Mix it thoroughly so that no lumps remain.
5. Since you are adding oil, it is my suggestion to add lipsticks that you think aren’t hydrating in nature.
6. I wanted it in the same texture as it is shown in the picture hence the quantities are stated accordingly.
7. If you wish to make it a “real gloss,” you can add butter and can even store it in any of your emptied lip gloss tube or bottle. But store it in refrigerator if you are adding butter.

How To Make Lip Gloss At Home With Old Lipstick

That’s all.

How To Make Lip Gloss At Home With Old Lipstick

One last suggestion – please do not cut a working lipstick to try this. Consistency can be an issue as it depends on the amount and texture of the lipstick. So, first try it out with lipstick that you just don’t use or the lipsticks that you find drying in nature.

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35 thoughts on “How To Make Lip Gloss At Home With Old Lipstick

  1. I absolutely loved this tip..and definitely going to try it ! there are some lippies which i don’t like now..mixing a few to achieve a likeable shade will be nice
    thanx for sharing, the colors you used , gave a pretty nice shade,loved your lotd <3

  2. i do use coconut oil as the third ingredient,i prefer to heat them for just 20 secs in a microwave safe bowl…makes the mixing easy….all my rock hard body shop lipsticks are being put to use in this manner…..great tips…

  3. Wow!!! i loved reading this DIY.. amazing! i have some lipsticks which i dont use so i am making it soon.. thanks for sharing .. lovely EOTD. i loved the resultant color … 🙂

  4. This sounds useful Surabhi. Just one question after mixing we don’t need to heat or did I miss understanding something 😛

  5. Amazing tip Surabhi! I was just wondering if I can mix a lippi to a lipgloss(I do not like the shade of the gloss)

  6. Nice review…have made this from 2-3 lipsticks which i dont like anymore and surprisingly got some nice shade 🙂

  7. superbbbbbbbbbb surabhiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!! creative u r ..:):)
    thanx for sharing…its a must try for me!!!

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