How To Make Moisturizing Facial Scrub

How To Make Moisturizing Facial Scrub

Hey girls,

I am going to show you an all-in-one natural scrub. Soft skin, soft lips and soft everything, that dream is totally achievable. It’s like any other scrub except that we throw in something else.  Just trust me on this and read on girls, read on.

Things You’ll Need:

How To Make Facial Scrub


Step 1:

Pour 1 tablespoon honey into your container. Honey has got many benefits like hydrating properties, it can act as an anti-ageing agent and also rejuvenate the skin, it’ll also give you that glowing complexion. However, this honey is also going to give our mixture a gel-like consistency.

How To Make Facial Scrub

Step 2:

Add 1 tablespoon of sugar.  You can use brown or white sugar here, it’s all in your hands.  I have used brown sugar.  This ingredient is going to act as exfoliant. Don’t worry about it being too rough on your skin, just don’t use coarse sugar.

How To Make Facial Scrub

Step 3:

Olive oil goes in that this step too. Olive oil is also hydrating for the skin and does wonders for our skin and health. People use it for cooking to replace cooking oil, well you can use it for the skin too. It’s actually another great moisturizer, it’s practically a oil-based moisturizer.

How To Make Facial Scrub

Step 4:

Now that you have thrown all your ingredients in, it should look something like this. Yes? No?

How To Make Facial Scrub

Step 5:

Now, here’s an extra, if your skin is feeling rough or dry, you can just throw this in for an extra boost of hydration. What is it? Petroleum jelly! Or you know it as Vaseline. Throw this in for an extra boost of hydration, it totally helps.

How To Make Facial Scrub

Step 6:

Mix it all together here and make sure you mix it well. Go crazy with the mixing if you have to. Once you’re all done, you will be left with your very own sugar scrub. I recommend keeping this in the fridge.

How To Make Facial Scrub

How To Make Facial Scrub

I find that this scrub is really good at removing the dead skin and impurities from my pores. It doesn’t scratch my skin, hurt my skin or leave it feeling irritated. I find that after using this, my skin feels crazily soft and amazing, same thing with my lips. I tend to alternate this with my normal scrub as I find it to be more gentle and even hydrating.

You girls can try it too and tell me how it goes, I’d love to know. Happy experimenting girls! 😉

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  1. Amazing Natasha….i like the idea of adding brown sugar. *happy dance* ….no vaseline for me – I have extremely oily skin *nababana*

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