How to Make Tie-up Flip-Flops: DIY

How to Make Tie-up Flip-Flops: DIY

Hello sweeties,

I haven’t done a diy post in a while, so here I am with one. I has clicked the pictures long back but somehow forgot to send it. No one would like to wear the same flip flops everyday, so here is a diy which will help you to wear different colors and styles everyday. Let’s directly go on to the materials that are needed to make these cute tie-up flats.

How to Make Tie-up Flip-Flops: DIY

Things you need:

• Your flats with a thin strap
• A fabric atleast 90 centimetres long vertically and the breadth can be small around 15 centimetres
• A sharp scissor to cut the fabric

How to Make Tie-up Flip Flops things needed
Step 1: Take the fabric which is thin according to your choice, I took the animal print one as I love such prints. You can easily make out the size in the picture. Cut the fabric into 2 equal parts to be used for each flip flop.

How to Make Tie-up Flip Flops DIY (6)

Step 2: You have 2 equal pieces of fabric now. You can stitch the edges or give it to your tailor for stitching it so that it looks neat. I did not do it and observed that some threads were coming out, although that is not mandatory. And fold it again to easily wrap it thickly around the straps of the flats.

How to Make Tie-up Flip Flops DIY (5)

Step 3: Now first take one of your flip flop and one piece of fabric and fold it into half so you get the exact middle point as you will have to wrap both the straps so you will have to partition it.

How to Make Tie-up Flip Flops DIY (5)

Step 4: Now you have divided the fabric, fold it like that and pass it from below the straps like in the picture. And you will get two straps hanging on the right side, hold them together and pass them from the circle at the left, so that you get a knot. The pictures will make you understand better.

How to Make Tie-up Flip Flops DIY (7)
Step 5: Now you have a knot at the centre of the two straps and you have two portions of the fabric for right strap and left strap respectively.

How to Make Tie-up Flip Flops DIY (8)
Step 6: Now start rolling the fabric on the strap by passing and wrapping it below and above the flip flop. Keep on doing it till to reach the end. Now repeat the entire process on the other flip flop as well.

How to Make Tie-up Flip Flops DIY (9)
Step 7: Now the wrapping of the fabric part is done and now the fabric will be left on both the sides, just pull those fabric straps from your heels and roll them on your leg and tie a knot. And ladies you are done..!!

How to Make Tie-up Flip Flops DIY (10)
Final look: You can see how cute they look and you can leave the fabric straps open or tie them up completely, that depends on the way you like it to be. You can also add some flower or bling to create a cute blingy and a more trendy look. And the best part is you can take any fabric that you love in order to match your outfit. Just be careful that you don’t tie them too tight because that will hinder your blood circulation. I love them because it gives an amazing grip while walking, you will feel the grip after you tie them.

How to Make Tie-up Flip Flops DIY (1)
Hope you liked this diy of mine. Its very simple to make. Keep the fabrics ready and spend just 5 minutes before you go out. So go ahead , select your fabric and make these cuties..!! Thank you for watching..!!


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