How to make your Liquid Eyeliner Last 12 Hours and More

How to make liquid eyeliner last 12 hours


Hi Everyone, 🙂

I so missed writing on IMBB and going through all the comments and posts. But I am back to being glued and it feels sooo awesome. I mean I love my travels but I think I love IMBB a wee bit more. 😛

Anyhoo, I have a really cool tip to share with you all and that has helped me so much all through this trip. I am absolutely obsessed with using felt tip liquid eyeliner these days. If you remember my review for Dior Eyeliner pen, I mentioned about it disappearing and fading after a few hours.

So here’s the tip that would make your liquid eyeliner last for 12 hours and more.

Just draw a rough line with a pencil eyeliner before applying the liquid eyeliner. You don’t have to be precise with the pencil liner application because you would be going over it with a liquid eyeliner anyway. let’s say if you are going for a cat-eye look, just draw a cat eye roughly with a pencil eyeliner before you go precisely over it with a liquid eyeliner. This would not only make your eyeliner look darker but would also make it last until you remove it. Just make sure that the pencil eyeliner you are using is a bit long lasting one. 🙂

Hope it helps! 🙂
How to make liquid eyeliner last long

And this is how I have stored my little perfume samples. I thought I’d share the pic. 🙂

perfume storage

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30 thoughts on “How to make your Liquid Eyeliner Last 12 Hours and More

  1. Such a cool and easy tip !! thanks for sharing !! and ur perfume storage is way cuter !! 🙂 Btw can u do a post on how to store ur perfumes ?? Totally following u on Insta !! loved ur trip photos *puchhi*

    1. i know jomo same here. i was so irritated with liner disappearing and all. I wore my eyeliner everyday like this during my trip and never did my liner fade even once during the whole day. *happy dance* *happy dance*

      most of them are for sanjeev *scared*

  2. Aahhh *shy* the joy your posts bring *puchhi* I use this trick too 😀 works like magic!! *happydance* and thoooose samples *ghost* *ghost* Welcome baaaaack Ratiiii *puchhi* *happy dance* *happy dance*

  3. great Tip Rati.. It felt so nice to see your pictures and how well you have dressed according to the place. very very inspiring.. Wen ever I am confused about mixing and matching stuff, I promptly refer to IMBB and use the tips. Thanks for being there for us 🙂 and for IMBB *clap*

  4. I tried this trick the other way round a couple of months back and got stuck to it since then. I apply the liquid liner and then where the color tends to fade the most, i use the eye pencil and then smoothen any rough edges with the liquid liner again.. it makes the liner look more intense… loved it. 🙂 thanks for sharing Rati.

  5. Great Tip!! would give it a try…. *oye balle*

    and the perfumezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..!!!!! i just wish u were my best friend,,, and today was my birthday.. and u knew i’m in love with perfumes!!!! *happydance* *hifive* *hihi* *puchhi* *pompom*

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