How to Make Your Makeup Brushes Last Longer

I am not saying that your makeup brushes are a life time investment, but you can surely increase the life of your makeup brushes! It is not only the expensive makeup products that help to achieve a flawless makeup, but a huge amount of credit goes to makeup brushes too. Makeup brushes are so soft and gentle when you bring them home, but after few days of continuous usage, you realise that they become hard and bristles are all over the place. So, what to do in order to avoid this…read on and find out!

How to Make Your Makeup Brushes Last Longer5

Keep Them Clean

How to Make Your Makeup Brushes Last Longer3

This one is a no brainer! Just like you keep your skin clean, it is very important to cleanse your makeup brushes too. Unclean makeup brushes can be bad for your skin and sometimes it may lead to skin infections too. If you feel your makeup brushes are not able to blend the foundation perfectly, your brushes need a wash. They should be washed in every 15 days so that the chemicals and products accumulated on the bristles are removed. You can wash them with mild shampoo or dishwashing powder, or better, with a dedicated brush cleaner.

Store Well

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Once the makeup brushes are washed properly they need a proper maintenance too. Storage of makeup brushes is very important as the bristles are very delicate and even soft. Make sure all the brushes are dried completely and always see to it that you allow the brushes to dry in natural air. I am sure you may have a glass or wide mouth cup at home and this is best for your makeup brush storage. Make sure the bristles are on the upper side and they are not coming in contact with any lip or eyeliner pencil stored along with them in the same cup.

Avoid Multi-Tasking

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Although, brushes are meant for multi-tasking, you should avoid doing this each and every time. Keep separate set of brushes for different uses and avoid using the same brush for every purpose. Natural hair brushes should be used for application of concealers and loose powder while synthetic ones can be used for liquid eyeliner and lipsticks.

Use, Don’t Abuse

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Stop being aggressive with your makeup brushes. They are to be pampered and used gently every time. When you apply makeup with the help of a makeup brushes do not use them aggressively this will make the hair bend and spread too. If you continue using the brush aggressively you may notice hair starts falling too.

Prefer Synthetic Brushes

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A synthetic brush lives longer than natural hair brushes. The bristles of synthetic brush are made of nylon and polyester which do not get destroyed soon. Also, it does not accumulate much of makeup in them. Washing and drying process is very easy and quick with makeup brushes.

Use Plastic Covers

How to Make Your Makeup Brushes Last Longer

Plastic covers are best where you can keep your makeup brushes when not in use. You usually get a plastic cover when you buy the makeup brushes. No matter whether it is a hard plastic cover or a disposable plastic cover, makeup brushes should be kept in them so that the brushes maintain its shape.

Keep Away from Sunlight

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Makeup brushes are very sensitive and hence, they should not be exposed to sunlight or excessive heat. There are chances of bacteria to accumulate on them and the makeup brushes might also expire sooner because of unbearable heat and sunlight on them. Store them in cool places.

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  1. Good tips Rima, I need to invest in more brushes and stop multi tasking. I make sure I give a good bath to my brushes and keep them in plastic covers too. 🙂

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