How To Make Your Own Custom Eye shadow Palette

Whenever I do a review about a mono eye shadow, I always whine about how they are a little time consuming, confusing and most of all clutter my entire vanity. So, after several videos online, I decided to depot all my loose eye shadows and make my own custom palette.

How To Make Your Own Custom Eye Shadow Palette

Things Required:

How To Make Your Own Custom Eye shadow Palette Requirements

• An empty palette case-I had a concealer palette which I was not using. So, I decided to throw away the concealers and use the palette instead. One can use a pencil box or a dvd case or get an empty palette through an online shopping site.
• A lighter- to melt the glue.
• A knife- to push out the shadows from the stack.
• A pair of tweezers – to handle eye shadow pans without damaging them.
• 2 sided tape – one can use magnetic sheets or even permanent glue if they don’t want to customize their palette in future. However, I wanted an option to keep rotating shadows in my palette.
• Obviously, the eye shadows.

Steps to Make Your Own Custom Eye Shadow Palette:

Step 1: Find a flat surface where one can work without being disturbed and spread a newspaper to keep the area clean.

Step 2: Gather all the eye shadows of your choice, I used:
• 3 ELF eye shadows (with 4 color pans each)
• 1 Revlon palette ( on large pan with 5 colors)
• 2 Wet n Wild mono eye shadows
• 1 Black Radiance eyeshadow trio
• 1 Faces mono eye shadow
• 1 Deborah Milano Quad

Step 3: Start by placing the lighter under the eye shadow, gently move it around to melt the plastic then the glue on the eye shadow’s pot. Once there is a gap underneath, take the knife and gently push, to release the pan from the plastic case. Since the pan is still hot, use the tweezers to hold it and keep it aside.

How To Make Your Own Custom Eye shadow Palette De-pot

Step 4: Follow step 3 to de-pot all the eye shadows.

Step 5: The hard part is over, now all one to do it arrange the eye shadows in the palette, for a trial (without glue) to set as many as possible pans with maximum space utilization. I had to remove two color pans from Deborah Milano quad, but rest all fit perfectly.




Step 6: Now, cut the strips of double sided tape and start attaching pans to the palette. Wait for the eye shadows to really stick to the tape and voila! You are done.



• I have done the same with all my blushes and arranged them in a pencil case.
• One can de-pot MAC pots and return them to MAC store to get free gifts (Back to MAC).

I am so happy with this mini project and now my vanity is officially organized. Do try out this DIY and let me how was the end result.

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6 thoughts on “How To Make Your Own Custom Eye shadow Palette

  1. OMGGG Sakshi soul sister I made a similar thing using all nude and brown shades but yours is wayyy neater 😀 super cool post this is loved it

  2. Ive been searching for a diy palette which doesnt use a magnet since i cant seem to find them anywhere. It was very useful. Thanks 🙂

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