How to Make Your Own Designer Saree and Blouse Replica

By Pallavi Mahendra

Hi ladies!

This is my second post related to designing your own outfit. In my first post here on IMBB, I had talked about how I designed my own lehenga. But now I’ll be sharing tips with you on how I designed my very first outfit which was a saree and what inspired it. It is not always necessary to spend a fortune to get a designer saree. There are many ways in which you can design a stylish contemporary saree for yourself on your own. Yes, that’s absolutely possible!

How to Make Your Own Designer Saree and Blouse Replica under INR 8000

So it was my friend’s wedding and it was going to be a huge ceremony, I wanted to look fabulous and extraordinary. There was a saree Anushka Sharma wore at an event which I instantly fell in love with. I decided to make a replica of it, but gave my touch to it. This is the saree that inspired me to make my own.

Disclaimer : I do not remember the exact prices of the material used. But, here is a breakdown of tailor charges:

Blouse stitching = INR 1500
Saree stitching = INR 2000

The entire outfit costed me somewhere around INR 8000, which of course is so much less than the original piece.

Material Used by Me:

• Velvet for pallu – 2.5 metres
• Net for pleats – 3.5 metres
• Gota for the border – approx 7 metres on one length and width side and 2.5 on the other (this is the most expensive raw material)
• Velvet for blouse – 1.5 metres
• Gota for blouse in different measurements
• Buttons for the blouse

designer saree replica

Steps to Make the Saree:

• Give the net to get it dyed in the desired colour, which was a pinkish tone in my case
• Stitch the velvet and net together
• Stitch gotta across the borders of the saree
• Attach gotta at the sleeves of the blouse so that it looks like bangles
• Add gotta at the bicep area to give it more heavy look
• Buttons at the front

Please Note:

• No fall was used in the saree
• Petticoat was made of satin
• Cotton lining was used beneath satin petticoat so that it doesn’t cling to the legs from the inside while walking

diy designer saree

Ways to Create Your Own Masterpiece:

• To design your own half and half sarees, all you have to do is purchase two fabrics in different colors and patterns of your choice and get them stitched together. Add lace or sequins borders to make them look more beautiful

sridevi velvet saree

• To make it appear more expensive, you can get a petticoat made of brocade

• Instead of net as a base, you can also use chiffon if you want the saree to be lighter

• Velvet can be used in various colors apart from blue like magenta or even black

diy saree

• Different type of gotta can be used at the border – a broader one or a sleeker one, one with mirror work, anything that fancies you

• You can go for a 4 metres saree instead of a 6 in order to wear it in pants style

• A high embellished waist belt can be worn on top of the saree if you choose to keep the blouse simple

• You can use a velvet border, silk border, wire work border, pearl border, kundan work border, mirror work border or anything that you like; a variety of lace and designer borders are available in local stores and online

• Any plain saree can be converted into a designer piece by adding a sequins border.

kareena kapoor red saree

• Nowadays a variety of beautiful unstitched embroidered blouse pieces are available in the market; pick your favorite blouse piece and pair it up with a contrast plain saree

• A brocade blouse can do wonders to any saree. Just get a stylish brocade blouse to go with a plain saree and get all the attention!

• I used gottas because that seemed cheaper to me but you can always go for kadhai, it’s more intense and royal

You can easily design your own sarees using one of the above methods. It’ll cost you much less than any designer labeled saree!

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