How to Make your Shaving Last Longer

So, what do you associate shaving with? A dreadful moment or is it a happy one for you? Once you have shaved your legs and hands completely, wouldn’t you want to flaunt them happily and wear those deep tank tops? But this is an unfortunate cycle where you need to shave again after a few days. If we can make our manicure, lipsticks and various other things last longer, why not shaving? Oh yes, you heard it right we can make our waxing/shaving last longer and here are few tricks to do just that…

How to Make your Shaving Last Longer

1. Salt scrub

How to Make your Shaving Last Longer

Small hair usually gets trapped with the dead skin which does not come out at the time of shaving. Use a salt scrub before shaving your hands and legs. Salt scrub acts as an exfoliator due to its grains which helps to remove the dead skin and release the small trapped hair so that they are removed easily during shaving.

2. Shower

How to Make your Shaving Last Longer

Shower with warm water before you shave your legs. Having a good bath will help to remove the dirt and sweat accumulated in the body making it easier to shave your legs. Warm water usually dries the skin but cold water may give goose bumps which hinders the process of shaving there.

3. Hydrating cream

How to Make your Shaving Last Longer

Before you start shaving your legs, apply a good hydrating moisturiser which would curb the skin from over drying. Do not depend on soap before you shave since most of them over dries your skin which does not allow the razor to slide easily.

4. Coat

How to Make your Shaving Last Longer

It is very essential to check the proportion of shaving cream that you are applying to your hands and legs. Come on, don’t try to save them! Apply a thick coat of shaving cream to your hands and legs and make sure that all the hair is covered completely with the shaving cream.

5. Direction

How to Make your Shaving Last Longer

Some ladies think removing hair matters and not the direction in which you remove them. If you are one of those who think this way, then you were wrong every time. The direction in which you shave matters a lot. Always start shaving from the bottom to the top against the hair growth and then check for left out hair.

6. Razor

How to Make your Shaving Last Longer

Choose a razor which is smooth and gentle on the skin. Many of the razors do not slide smoothly over the skin, if your razor treats you the same way; you need to throw them this instant. There are a lot of 5 blade technology razors available in the market and this is what you need to buy. One such example of a good razor is Venus.

7. Replacing shaving blades

Shaving should always be done with a fresh blade. On an average you should change the razors after 15 uses and continue shaving with the new razors. You may find hair accumulated near the blade which needs to be cleaned before you start shaving. Just soak the razor in lukewarm water; this will make the hair come out.

8. Lathering
After all every woman has their own choice and level of comfort. If you feel lathering is the best way to start your shaving process with ofcourse, you can continue to do the same. Keep lathering before you start shaving every part and shave in small parts.

9. Flushing water


Rinsing well after your shave is a very important key to make your shaving last longer. Pat dry and avoid rubbing your skin harshly. If you see goose bumps or itching over the skin, applying Aloe Vera gel is the best remedy.

Hope you found the post useful. Have a happy shaving!

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7 thoughts on “How to Make your Shaving Last Longer

  1. I shave my underarms, arms and legs. Yup, arms too. And I dry shave, though I know it’s supposed to be harmful to skin and all that. No water, no shaving cream, no soap, just the razor and clean, dry skin, after a shower.
    Never had a problem with it, though, and I’ve found it is much faster than wet shaving. Plus, I get no cuts. Every time I shave wet, I end up cutting myself – so I just gave up on it. And my skin is smooth and no problems till now, thank goodness! Have been shaving this way for nearly 5 years now, I think.
    Maybe if I had had these tips with me before I gave up on wet shaving, I mightn’t have given up on it at all! Good article, Rima!

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