How To Manage Curly Hair

In my last article on curly hair, I talked about what all we can and should do to take care of curls, so that they behave just the way we want them to 🙂 Now, I want to tell you what not to do, so that you can easily tame and control your curly hair.

How To Manage Curly Hair

1. Do not brush or comb your hair after washing or drying: You will lose all the definition of your curls and make it frizzy. To get rid of tangles, you may brush before your hair wash. What I do is detangle after applying my conditioner. It makes the job extremely easy-peasy!

2. Do not shampoo every day:  Try to decrease shampoo wash to less than 2 per week.  The first thing your curls are lacking are natural oils, so you don’t want to strip off the oils and make them cry. Avoid extremely harsh shampoos that have tons of sulphates, opt for gentle cleansers. You can wash your hair with a conditioner alone if you do want to wash more (yes conditioners have small traces of cleansers and it’s called co-washing). You can read an article on co-washing here. I know many women who wash their hair with water alone. There is no point to that. Water alone cannot remove grime.

3. Do not touch your hair once it is dry:  Apply all your serums and leave-in while the hair is still wet. Manipulating dry hair will lead to instant frizz.

4. Say no to isopropyl alcohol in your hair products:  It makes hair extremely dry and that’s the last thing curls want. It is usually found in hair sprays and constant use of this can make hair dry, frizzy, and dull. Say no to propylene glycol and glycerin because it is a humectant. That means it attracts water to the hair from the environment, but what if the air doesn’t have humidity? It draws water from the hair to itself. Yikes!

5. Do not blow dry your hair:  Let it air dry naturally. Heat is one of the best friends of frizz. High temperature causes dry, brittle, damaged hair.  I do not use a blow drier for two reasons – heat causes frizz and it ruins the definition of the curls. Stepping out of the house with wet hair causes frizz and attracts dirt.

6. Do not rub the towel onto your hair to absorb the water:  You can imagine the damage and the frizz you are inducing by doing that. Wrap the towel onto your hair and let it sit for about 5 minutes to absorb the excess water.

towel dried hair

7. Do not get a straight cut as it can give the undesired triangle or pyramid look:  This happens when the hair weighs the roots of your hair down thus creating flatness at the top and bulk at the bottom. Get layers to your hair.

Layered hairstyle for curly hair

8. Never skip conditioner:  This is the most important step in taking care of your curls. Since they don’t have enough moisture, you have to provide them with external hydration. You can never give enough conditioner to curly hair.

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