How to Match Lipstick with Blushes

How to Match Lipstick with Blushes

How to Match Lipstick with Blushes

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I have been wanting to do this post from past few days. Finally got down to doing it. Isn’t it always confusing what blush to match with which lipstick. I follow just one rule – match your lipstick shade with the blush shade. It does not have to be the exact shade. You can pick a tone of your lip color and work your blush color around that. And this works almost always. well, there are always exceptions but this tip is pretty much fool proof.

Bright Pink Lipsticks : I love using pink lipsticks for day time. I feel they add freshness to the face . For day time, I’d go with the light pink blush just to get a bit of glow on my cheeks. For evening I’d go with a brighter shade of a blush, preferably shimmery.

Shown Below : MAC Blush in Pink Swoon, MAC Blush Dollymix, Inglot Lipstick 421

What blush to use with hot pink lipstick


A soft Pink Lipstick : Even if I am going for a day time MLBB pink shade , I’d still go for a light pink blush. For day time I like that ‘naturally glowing’ face as opposed to a full on makeup look. And a soft pink blush works. For me I prefer the cooler tones but you can pick warmer toned blushes as well if that works for you.

Shown below : MAC blush in Pinkswoon, MAC Lipstick MehrWhat blush to use with neutral pink lipstick

Neutral Lipsticks : With neutral /N*de lipsticks I prefer coral or peach blushes. And I go a bit heavy with my blushes with a pale mouth. The same goes with brown lipsticks. I prefer to use peach or tawny shades with brown lip colors.

Shown below :MAC Blush Peach Twist , MAC Lipstick freckletone, Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush in fresh Coral

What blush to use with neutral brown lipstick


Orange Lipsticks : With orange blushes, it’s mostly coral but I don’t mind going the orange or neutral blush way as well.

Shown Below : MAC Blush Style, MAC Lipstick Lady Danger, MAC Cheek Powder in My Paradise, MAC blush Blushbaby (not shown)

What blush to use with orange lipstick


Coral Lipsticks : With coral lipsticks I like apricot and coral shades of blushes.

Shown below : Chanel Blush Reflex, MAC Lipstick Crosswires, Chanel cream blush Presage

What blush to use with coral lipstick


Red Lipsticks : I kinda took my own test and trials to figure out what works the best with red lipsticks. I personally just stick with bronzer or a shade such as MAC Margin blush, which pretty much is a highlighter with a hint of color in it. Well, you may definitely apply a deep red blush with it..just so softly.

Shown Below : MAC Blush Scarlet Fever, MAC Lipstick Relentlessly Red, MAC Blush margin  

What blush to use with red lipstick

Bright Coral Lipsticks : I kinda like to mix a pink and a coral blush or I just go the coral way. I personally don’t like just pink blushes with deep coral lip colors. But you can always experiment and see what suits your skin tone more. 🙂

Shown below : MAC Blush Fleur Power, MAC Lipstick impassioned, MAC Blush Pinkswoon

What blush to use with mac impassioned lipstick

PS : please refer original reviews for the exact product shades. Had a very bad lighting throughout the day. 🙁

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  1. Great post Rati mam. *clap* A must needed post before V-day. You have a nice collection of lipsticks and blushes. *drool* *drool* Thanks for sharing your tips.

  2. super useful post I was always confused how to do the lip and cheek pairing and I am sure most of the gurlz are confused as far as lipstick and blush pairing is concerned but now I am not confused coz I know how to nail the look

  3. I am beginner when it comes to makeup. I always wondered why people need more than one blush *chudail* I mean all u need is a little color one cheeks *hihi* Now I get it.. Blushes here I come *jogging*

  4. Very very useful post.. I go with 3 kind of blushes mostly. Coral for all coral and orangey lipsticks, neutral for reds and nudes and a soft pink for all pink lipsticks..
    This post would really help me choose blushes better *powder* *powder*

  5. Fab post Rati! So needed! I used to really struggle with this earlier – sometimes still get it wrong. What i feel is that we also need to have a clear understanding of how our blush looks once applied rather than in the pan. The match has to be with “once applied” shade. I used to pair the lippy and blush and keep them out. I would first apply the lippy and then blush, only to realize that the undertone was wrong or it looked too pinky or too corally to match the lippy. Nightmare if you were dressing to go out coz can redo blush and don’t wanna redo lipstick coz it matches the outfit! It takes quite a while to figure this. Thanks for a ready reckoner on this….really helps! *clap* *clap* *clap*

  6. This is really gonna help me and everyone in long run.. *thankyou* Totally *drool* worthy collection and well explained, I feel I can try blushes slowly slowly for now I have an idea of hw to put them together with lipcolor.. *happydance* *thankyou* for this worthy reading post… i am sharing it with all my frnz n relatives, a must read for everyone!!

  7. very useful post Rati *jai ho* *jai ho* bookmarked it, i am begginer in blushes i always had a doubt how to select blushes? i mean buying based on skin tone i have warm undertone so do i need to select warm undertone colors or cool undertone colors? *scared* *scared*

    1. it’s best to start with arm tones. It sort of blends well with indian skin toes and then once your are comfortable using blushes, you can always play around with different shades. 🙂

  8. Awesome Post….. *jai ho* *jai ho* *jai ho* *thankyou* a lotsss…. Once i went for occasion wearing Pink lippy with Pink blush…. *blush* *blush* *blush* Whole event i was thinking why am i looking so pinkyyy pinkyyy…. *hihi* *hihi* *hihi* Gosh now i know how to prevent myself looking all pinkkyyy…. *haan ji* *haan ji* *haan ji*

  9. A much needed post *clap* *clap* *clap* , I have many times struggled with this and you solved my problems, will bookmark and always refer to this and your collections is truly amazing *oye balle*

  10. Sucha a great post for beginners like me. What would I ever do without IMBB! *thankyou*
    Its always a task for me to actually select a perfect shade. This comes in handy. It would also be great if you do something similar for eyes. Like what to put on in a hurrry or neutrals. (I know I am demanding *scared* but then you guys are the best) *specs* *pompom*

  11. This was quite a lot of information.. I mostly use browns.. which blush do you think would go best with them.. for office or for evenings..

  12. This post is so useful! Especially for me, I don’t know what blush to use, and end up skipping it hlf the time, and look silly rofl rofl rofl

  13. Great Post as always and badly needed for me…

    I always have apprehension in using certain blush and lipstick combos for the fear of looking like clown *scared* *scared* *scared*

    This post would really help in tough times…

    *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou* *thankyou*

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