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Jaishri Asks

I want to know how pores on the face can be minimize. I have a combination skin and though I don’t have problems with pimples. I have noticed that there are pores on my face which I totally dislike. Can you guys recommend some specific products you use.


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  2. Even I want a solution for that . Heard that Clinique pore minimiser helps in shrinking the pores. Have not used it though . However I am not sure if it really shrinks or gives an illusion as though the pores are shrunk… It is supposed to applied before makeup. Something like a primer

    1. Lavanya, I think Deb has reviewed it.

      There is a pore minimiser by Clarins that works wonders. It works as a primer for your foundation. A temporary solution though.

  3. I used to suffer with this problem, my dermatologist suggested i get mild Dermabrasion done every alternate month. Then once a week (i do it on Sunday) apply Retino-A in the night. It will lead to srinking the pores in a healthier way and let it stay so.

  4. Yes Priya….actually i had a 6 sitting course one a month for 6 months…after that my doc said i dont need a dermabrasion everymonth now…i can get a maintenance dermabrasion done alternate month or once in 3 months. But i was adviced to keep using the retino-a once a week.

    I had gone for a treatment for my acne and scars left by them. Now its muccchhh better.

    You can go to your local dermatologist. Donot go to those high end chain parlours. They are expensive plus they most of the times advice you more umber of sittings than required just to make money.

  5. The cream i was prescribed is Tronin-0.05%

    This can also be used ONLY on acne when one pops up. And it dries it overnight.

  6. I agree with Mitra! Dermabrasion is helpful to some extent for open pores.! I have tried that & I saw some of my acne scars minimized as well! :highfive:

  7. Thanks guys!!! Will try using Clarins as I don’t have any severe problem with pores.
    Developed it after many facial sessions during my wedding. Guess excess steaming during facials also causes these issues.

  8. Umm me too have same problem.. hate the pores.. Orange peel powder works for me.. apply with rosewater/water, wait for it to dry and wash off..
    I have heard of egg white for pores..But might be just a temporary tightening.. try that too..Let me know.. 🙂

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