How to Prepare Your Beauty Clutch for 6 Makeup Looks?

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If makeup is substance, touchup would be considered its soul. If you wear makeup for long hours, then you must be knowing the importance of touchups. Let’s talk about all makeup things for touchups you can put in your clutch depending on your look. Before commencing, I would mention that touchups work only if your base makeup is appropriate and well-finished.

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1. Marvelous metallic makeup look – metallic makeup look is generally worn for night parties. If you keep the look a little subtle, then it will work as an ultimate evening makeup look. This simply means that metallic makeup look includes shimmery products (mostly the eye shadow). In metallic makeup look, eyes are defined with vibrant eye pigments and thick lashes. Lips are kept neutral or sometimes even bold as per the preference.
Things to be kept in your clutch: A sleek metallic line/small eye pigment tub, a nude lipstick, and the mascara.


2. Pretty pop makeup look – basically, pop makeup highlights the best features of your face; you can wear the makeup in a way that accentuates the specific parts of your face. A perfect pop makeup is incomplete without at least one neon/bright shade. The pop makeup look is considered to be apt for college farewell or a reunion party (if there is no theme decided for the party).
Things to be kept in your clutch: bright lipstick (apparently the brightest one from your collection), blush, and highlighter.

3. Sophisticated sun-kissed makeup look – who does not love this look? I must say that this is one of the most popular trends discovered so far. A sober sun-kissed makeup look makes you look enormously elegant. As bronzing/contouring is the key part of it, bronzer/contouring kit and illuminator are used to achieve this makeup look.
Things to be kept in your clutch: cream blush in caramel shade, glossy neutral lipstick/neutral lipgloss, brown eye shadow, and shimmer bronzer.

bronze look

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4. Rosy makeup look – if you are a makeup beginner, then you will surely love this look. This look brings a bright rosy glow on the skin and makes you look effortlessly beautiful. A pink blush is one of the essential products to obtain the look. This look is appropriate for a fresher party or pre-wedding functions.
Things to be kept in your clutch: rosy pink blush, peach/pink lip gloss, loose powder.

5. Sizzling and sultry makeup look – this look is supposed to be a terrific combination of redefining shades of makeup. Sultry smoky eyes and attention-grabbing lips comprise a sizzling sultry makeup look. It is considered to a pertinent party look.
Things to be kept in your clutch: smoky eye palette (only for a mild touchup) and mascara.

sultry makeup

6. No-makeup makeup look – Imagine how it feels when you receive compliments of looking pretty even in minimal makeup. This is considered the best look for everyday makeup when you want to look your natural best and is great for your casual, office day parties.
Things to be kept in your clutch: kohl only for tightlining, neutral eyeshadow, light-shaded blush and a tinted lip balm.

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