How To Prevent Kajal From Smudging

Who doesn’t love to have dark, appealing and stunning eyes? Every woman craves to possess them and the right application of kajal is perhaps the easiest way to achieve them! But the sad part is that most of the time we rave and rant over the fact that the kajal never seems to stick to its original place. It smudges badly and makes you look ghastly! At the end of it all, the beauty of kajal-rimmed eyes is gone and instead, you have terrible looking eyes with “dark circles” of black kohl. Instead of looking like a black-eyed beauty, you end up looking like a round-eyed panda! Of course, that is not desired. So, the question is-how to prevent kajal from smudging? Read on to find out some of the best known tips to prevent your kohl from getting smudged.


How To Prevent Kajal from Smudging?
Check out some of the easiest guidelines to help you prevent your kajal from smudging:


1. Keep it oil free and sweat free:
It is important to keep the area around your eyes free from oil. If your eyelids are oily, chances are your kajal would smudge. You can try the given tips:

  • Before applying kajal, wash your face and pat it dry. You may even apply some ice cubes to prevent sweating of face and area under your eyes. Alternately, you may use cotton pads soaked in chilled water and dab the coolness on your face.
  • Take some cotton wool or an ear-bud. Wipe your eyelid thoroughly. Once all the oil is gone, apply kajal.
  • Dab some face powder on the areas near your eyes. The powder absorbs oil and even excess kajal. So, you know no smudging!

How To Prevent Kajal From Smudging 2

2.  Choose Wisely:
When you invest in a kajal, consider whether or not it is the right one for you. Here are some of the things to keep in mind:

  • Opt for a well-known brand.
  • Look for “no-smudge” formula and “long stay” formula while you buy a kajal pencil.
  • Waterproof kajal tends to stay for long hours without smudging.

(For me, the Oriflame Beauty Kajal and Maybelline Collosal Kajal have worked really well!)


3. Pair it with other eye makeup:
Kajal is best left with some company, be it your favorite eyeliner or your dear old mascara. Just ensure that the kajal and eyeliner don’t overlap each other. Apply kajal and then, along the outer border, apply a thin line of eyeliner. This would help you in keeping your kajal intact. Apply your favorite mascara on your lashes and let it dry properly. This too will help you to keep your kajal away from smudging.

4. Leave out the tips:
The tips or the corners of the eyes make your kajal prone to smudging. So, leave out the corners as much as possible. Make it dark in the middle parts and keep it thin near the corners.

How To Prevent Kajal From Smudging 3


Quick Anti-smudge Tips

  • Kajal, when it smudges, gives you a “dark circle effect.” If you are not too sure whether or not you will be able to avoid it, you may apply some dark eye-shadow around your lower eye lid.
  • Keep a few ear buds handy. Whenever you need to do away with the smudge, these buds help you to give a touch-up.
  • Make sure that your face is oil-free and sweat-free when you want to apply kajal.

How To Prevent Kajal From Smudging 4

Application of kajal, like any other makeup, is an art. When done in the right way, it offers you a look like never before! For beautiful, smudge-free, kajal-rimmed eyes, follow these easy tips and be the cynosure of everyone’s eyes!

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13 thoughts on “How To Prevent Kajal From Smudging

  1. No matter which kajal i use, I make it smudgeable *headbang* *headbang* I can make use of these tips, thanks Somreeta *woot*

    1. Yeah, at the end of the day….its true!!! bt then, those 2 kajals i named r good 🙂 and i think if u can control the oil and sweat part, its really helpful!

  2. This post would be very useful for me Somreeta *thankyou* . Though I still have to master the art of applying eye pencil on upper eye lid

  3. Another great tip that has worked wonders for me over the years when it comes to no-smudge waterlines:
    1.Wipe your waterline with a cotton bud before applying kajal. This removes the water/oil present in it.
    2. Apply the kajal. I use the Maybelline gel eyeliner Lasting drama. I swear by it. Great results.
    3. These two steps alone make sure my kajal doesn’t smudge for hours. But if you want to go an extra step for even more intensity, using an angled brush, pat on some black eye shadow on top of the kajal.

    1. I have extreme oily eyelids.. Even bobbi brown gel liner dont stay much on my lids. After many experiments i finally managed my liner as well as kajal to stay longer. I simply put liner( gel or pencil) on my eyes and then apply liquid eyeliner on it. I do this with upper as well as lower lash line. This not only makes my eyeliner and kajal both to stay on my super oily lids for 10-12 hours but also makes it look really pigmented one. Now i can use any kajal or kohl with any drugstore liquid liner and these days getting lots of comments on my blackest black kajal 😉 yipeeeeeee

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