How to Prevent Lipstick from Getting onto Teeth

How to Prevent Lipstick from Getting onto Teeth

Often when we apply too creamy a lipstick, we notice some stains on our teeth, or else if the lipstick is too bright and red, this can really put us through an embarrassing situation..this has persoanlly happened to me when I use too creamy or cakey a lipstick, then I came across some handy tips to help the lip color from getting on to the teeth. Take a look.


1.The easiest tip is to take a single ply tissue paper, and press it between the lips, focussing on the inner part of the lips, where the creaminess is more likely to transfer onto the lips,once done, this will make your lipstick matte as well as non-transferable to a great extent.

2.Stick your index finger in the middle of your mouth, and suck it out,cupping the lips around the finger, this will take off the excess lipstick from the inner lips, careful, do it in the privacy of your powder room or else this could have consequences 😛

3.Never tried but heard of this, grease your front teeth with a bit of vaseline, so it gets transfer proof, even if some color rubs off onto the teeth, it wont be caught on.

4.I think this is good enough for matte lip lovers, dust some loose powder or compact powder on the lips after you apply lipstick, this will seal off the color and help it not to transfer.

5. You might consider braces if you think your teeth structure makes the lipstick end up onto your teeth, protruding teeth can play a role here.

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6.Opt for more matte, or lipsticks that set or are long lasting, this will prevent the transfer.

7.Choose to wear a lesser cakey lipstick, if it is creamy, wear a single layer which will make you worry lesser about the color getting onto the teeth.

8. A handy tip is to coat the lips with a matte lip liner that sets, like the new Lakme ones, and then use a matching lipstick on the outer lips only, avoiding filling the creamy color on the inside of the lips which is already coated with matte lip liner.


9. Opt for a lip brush, this will enable a smoother and an even coat of lipstick which will in turn make the chances of transfer of the color to the teeth, lesser.

10. Keep your teeth build-up free by brushing them thrice a day, cleaner teeth will not help the lip color stick on to it, whereas teeth dirt build-up is a apt place for the color to stick onto.

11. Eating, drinking, smoking could transfer the color on to the teeth, make sure you check your teeth for any smudges quickly after any of the following.

!2. Avoiding biting your lips which will again cause smudges without you knowing about it.

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13.Lastly, opt for lip stains instead of lip colors that are creamy or cakey, lip stains will give you enough color without the bother of smudged color on the teeth.

Take out time to wear your lipstick if you often face this trouble of color on your teeth. Dont forget to blot as a routine which could save you from this embarrassment.

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7 thoughts on “How to Prevent Lipstick from Getting onto Teeth

  1. U came to my rescue neha.. *jalwa* I often do these silly mistakes n now all lipsticks are so creamy that I can’t help eating them up n staining my teeths.. *duh* *preen*
    Need to try these tricks.. *woot*

  2. Great tips Neha! I always do tip number 2 after applying my lipstick. But only at home! 😀 Tip 3 I heard beauty pageant contestants do this.

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