How to Protect Skin and Hair from Harmful Colors this Holi

By Apoorva Singh

Hello beautiful ladies,

Just a few more days for the most colorful and happening festival, holi. We all love this festival very much. The colors in air, fun, dance, pranks and ghujiya. This festival is full of excitement. We cannot resist ourselves from playing holi, but the harsh chemicals used in different colors are quite harmful. Yes, it is very true that our skin has to suffer a lot due to colors. These colors can cause itching, rashes, infections etc. In fact, even our hair gets damaged and develops more split ends. To lessen such side effects of colors, I am sharing some very simple and useful tips so that you can enjoy this beautiful festival more this year.

• Wear full sleeves cotton cloths to protect your arms from colors.

• Apply a layer of coconut, mustard or castor oil all over your body. It will add an additional layer between skin and colors. Hence, they will slip and won’t remain stuck to your skin.

• Moisturize and hydrate your skin very well before stepping out on holi. Apply a good moisturizer along with a sunscreen to minimize the effects of chemicals.

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• Try to use only organic or herbal colors. Do not use dark colors such as purple and blue. They are very hard to remove.

• Apply a good amount of petroleum jelly or lip balm on your lips. The skin on your lips is really soft and you won’t like to harm it.

• Massage your hair well with a good hair oil (prefer coconut or mustard oil) and wear a bandana to avoid further exposure to colors.

• Harmful chemicals cause more split ends. So, make sure to trim your split ends.

• Eyes are the most sensitive part of the face. So, protect it by using sunglasses. In case your eyes come in contact with colors, wash only with cold water.

• Avoid exposure to sunlight as it will dry out the colors and you will get a tough time removing them.

• Do not wash your face very frequently. This will remove all the moisture of the skin.

• To remove the colors, only use a good cleansing milk or lotion. Do not apply any chemical- based face wash or soap as it will immediately dry out your skin and kill the natural pH.

• In order to remove the colors, you can use this DIY pack. You need 3 full spoons besan, 1 spoon curd and ½ spoon honey. Mix all the ingredients well and make a thick paste. Apply this paste all over your face and neck. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and then slightly rub it off.

• To remove colors from your hair, firstly wash it with lots of water and nothing else. When you feel that the color has been washed away, apply a mild shampoo. Chemicals-based shampoos will cause more damage to your hair as your hair is already exposed to a lot of chemicals.

• After washing your hair, you can apply any of these DIY hair packs:

1. Take half a bowl of curd and few drops of lemon. Mix both the ingredients well and apply the paste on your hair. This pack will remove all the dryness and itchiness and make your hair silky again.

2. Apply a mixture of egg, almond oil and milk. This will repair all the damage and moisturize the scalp really well.

• At last, apply a mixture of glycerin, rose water and lemon on your skin. This will help you regain lost moisture and give you a toned and fresh skin.

Hope these tips will be helpful for you all. Have a Happy and safe holi to you all.

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