How to Put Together Cute Outfits

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Putting together outfits and making the best wearable combinations is not really tough if you do it the right way. And if you observe well enough, and get the trick to make various combinations with even a small limited wardrobe, your wardrobe would look more presentable than it is. You can do that simply with your current wardrobe. Here’s how to put together outfits.

1. Layered plain dress + Cropped Long-Sleeve Denim Jacket:

Young fashion girl crossing the street with style wearing a denim jacket

Layered plain dresses are lesser known by their names. They are comfortable and flow-form dresses that look better if you have a well-toned belly or bust. They are as comfortable as they look. But, when combined with a cropped long-sleeved denim jacket, it would look more casual and promising. The merit is that you can combine your favorite layered plain dress with a denim jacket, as most colors suit denim. Plus, if you don’t want to go sleeveless, still want to flaunt your layered plain dress, this could be a quick fix for you.
Fashion tip: Get your hair into beachy waves and add a black choker to flaunt the best way. For more glamor, add your favorite cowboy boots. Keep you layered dress plain with lesser work/glamor/accessories/flower or brooches.

2. Crop Top + Bohemian Skirt:

Girl wearing floral maxi skirt walking barefoot on the sea shore, Thailand, Phuket. Bohemian clothing style.

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How do you get the boho look? Get the boho skirt! Boho-skirt is the best outfit to choose to get the boho look in the simplest way. Combine a crop-top with a bohemian skirt. An embroidered white crop top looks the best with a dark-coloured long bohemian skirt. Plus, if your boho-skirt has layers and it has prints, that would be a plus-point.
Fashion tip: For the best bohemian look, get a white embroidered crop top with a long bohemian layered + printed skirt that is either matte red/blue/black/ombre/turquoise. Get a boho-bun.

3. Fringed High-Low Top + Hot Pant:

Beautiful black-haired woman wearing hotpants

Are you someone who loves fringes? How do combined them with other outfits? Well, fringed tops look way too awful with hot pants. Just get a high-low fringed top and combine it with your favorite hot pant. Just make sure that your fringes are proper and stay at a place and would not spoil the look. Also, the fringes should be long enough to reach an inch more below where your hot pants end. A black fringed high-low top would look awful with a hot pant.
Fashion tip: Pair cowboy shoes/boots with this combination and twisted bun – and you are all set to go.

4. Detailed Embroidery Crop Top + Jeans:

Portrait of a sensual pretty young woman in summer city park

If your crop top has detailed embroidery and lavish work – just like the Indian ‘choli’, wouldn’t it look beautiful when worn with jeans? Though, not famous but this combination can look as beautiful as the other combinations. Traditional modernist look!
Fashion tip: To get the best look, all you have to do is make sure that your crop top is – sleeveless, embroidered and has detailed work. If not sleeveless, it could have sleeves that cover your arms – only. This is how you get the look!

5. Party Wear Bodycon Dress + Sparkle Fringed Jacket:

stylish hipster boho traveler woman look. gypsy girl in fringe jacket with feather bronze accessory. wanderlust summer travel. atmospheric moment. space for text.

You can add a twist to your favorite sparkle bodycon dress with fringed glittery jacket. This is the most appealing way to dress for a party or a special occasion. On the contrary, if you do not want a super-sparkling combination, you could either choose a glitter black/ sparkle black party wear body con dress and combine it with your favorite fringed jacket/blazer and sometimes even with a see-through fully-fringed kaftan.
Fashion tip: To get an attractive look, try pairing off-white high heels and a white choker with the outfit combination!

6. Flannel Shirt/Jacket + Cropped Tank Top/Lace Cami + Hot Pant:

Pretty Smiling Teen Grabbing Foot

Trying to get the ‘way-too-casual’ look this summer? What if you combine your favorite flannel shirt with your lace cami tank top and a hot pant? This is really simple. All you have to do is get into your favorite cropped tank/top or lace cami and wear your favorite flannel shirt. To get a better look, keep your flannel checked – according to the latest trend and your lace cami should be as bold and black as you want it to be. And hot pants? They’re hot already! Get the look and flaunt the casual style.
Fashion tip: Keep the flannel buttons open and sleeves folded. For a better look, get into some matte brown boots. And, a navel ring would definitely help you.

7. Off-Shoulder Tee + Skater skirt:

Outdoor shoot of young beautiful, fashionable, playful, chic, woman posing on a small bridge

Off-shoulder tops and skater skirts are amazing. Wish you could combine them? Get the same look by beautifully combining an off-shoulder tee with a skater skirt. A faux leather skater dress looks the best! Plus, when combined with a plain off-shoulder dark or light t-shirt, you would get the right look.
Fashion tip: Get into high heels!

How do you combine outfits to make new looks? Which one’s your favorite? Share with us in the comments below!

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