How to Reduce The Size of The Pores On Your Face ?

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Parita Asks :

Hi All,

I am 27 yrs old with combination skin, I am looking for a cream which helps to reduce or minimize the pore size around the nose area. Also if you know any home remedies for the same please do share them as well. Honestly I dont have very large pores but I would like to reduce the small ones also to get a clear skin.

Also I am having major issue with my hair, I have long, waist length hair but often they become dry and frizzy with split ends,can you please suggest any good shampoo and conditioner which actually work on split ends and help to reduce the frizziness?

Thank you


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  1. 2 things I do. One is a skincare thing – a good scrub. i use the walnut scrub from Everyuth. works well but i also use an old toothbrush (washed and cleaned ofcourse), put some cleanser on it and scrub my nose with it. works well.

    1. Thanks aruna..i do use scrub twice weekly..the one I am using right is St Ives….thanks for the toothbrush tip…very unique and I am sure it would work fab :thanks:

  2. As you say you have split ends and long hair too, first I would suggest you to trim your hair at a parlour, because you can prevent split ends but using shampoos and conditioners wont solve your problem entirely, after hair trim, try some tips mentioned in this site in hair care section, you will be benifitted!

    1. Hi Tapaswini..i do get them trimmed every 3 months but again i get split ends… :(( I have heard good reviews of oriflame hairx mask..will be trying that..hopefully it will help to reduce the frizziness and split end issue as well ..thank you 🙂

  3. hi..actually, there are no proven cure for permanent reduction in pore size..though astringents, foundations and primers may help to an extent..
    the only effective permanent treatment with medium reduction in the number and size of pores is glycolic acid peels and microdermabrasion and that too done from a good dermat set up..
    but using products with AHA

  4. A good face wash and CTM routne would gradually reduce pores. I too hav combination skin 😐 , try different products during summer to moonsoon and winter.

    For summer Combination skin tends to be normal to oily use a good rose toner or cucumber toner ( try fabindia,lotus or jovees) and wash face always with cold water. before applying makeup to reduce pored use ice cubes and rub on face.Use a water based moisturiser for summer.

    Winter : Use a face wash instead of soap (try lotus jojobawash) and use milk as a toner since combi skin gets super dry in winter. Use a heavy moisturiser for winter.

    Combi skin tends to be sensitive so be very careful while choosing products.
    Scrubbing should be mild since it enlarges the pores or damages them making marks…Try St.Ives scrub for sensitive skin . Naturally cud use rice flour with rose water as a scrub really helps. Store ur toners in the fridge this too helps with pores.
    Hope this helps…Sorry for the looooong comment 😉

    1. Thanks veena…lots of great tips :thanks: I am already on CTM but I use tbs tea tree toner..have tried fab india as well…I do feel my current St Ives scrub is little harsh on my face..should try the sensitive one..:)

      1. i use the TBS tea tree blackheads scrub and thats nice. love the smell for starters. i also use the TBS clay mask. I also use the TBS eye cream Olive body scrub, lip butter and the seaweed clarifying toner. I can be the TBS spokesperson i think :whistle:

      2. Glad u found the tips helpful O:) … Do try the one for sensitive skin it really helps…
        Nupur am surely going to try the tomato juice tip :waytogo:

  5. thanks fahee…glycolic acid peels and microdermabrasion did cross my mind but I thought to first try with any homemade remedies/creams if they are able to help..also i am strictly following CTM routine these days..thanks to IMBB 🙂

  6. also helps..home tips like applying potato, papaya, tomato, baking soda, for sometimes also helps..similar to an astringent..
    hope i helped… O:) O:) O:) O:)

    1. :thanks: fahee…I love homemade packs and scrubs… :yahoo: I heard alot of baking soda and tomato so definately would be trying them soon… :puchhi:

  7. Rati..this is for you :thanks: :thanks: :puchhi: thank you v v much for posting my query here on IMBB! I am sure you must have heard this from a lot of people but IMBB has seriously made a BIG difference in my life :preen: … i never buy any products without checking their reviews first here :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  8. Hey Parita,I also had the same problem..but since I have been taking anti acne stuff ,I dnt know how but pore sizes have reduced enormously 🙂
    I will check with my derma and let you know pakka se :toothygrin:

  9. parita i wonder if there is a permanent solution to reducing pores the natural way. I don’t have big pores but i have found that rubbing a tomato on skin tomato works pretty well .

    1. :thanks: thanks rati once again for posting the query on imbb..I am going to starting rubbing tomato on my face from today itself :toothygrin:

          1. Whenever I rub tomato, I get pimples and rashes then and there, can anyone tell me the possible reason for it?? :((

            1. You might be allergic to some compound in it. Or it might be too acidic for your sensitive skin, I have a similar reaction with lemons. Try squeezing the juice out and freezing into cubes and then use it on your skin. Might not irritate your skin as much! O:)

  10. I have combo skin as well and hate the huge pores I have because of nasty weather and oily skin. I feel that multani mitti really helps but its only temporary. I have been trying different toners from biotique/neutrogena/tbs but none actually help with reduction. Try using a foundation primer, also try aspirin+honey mask and yeah, rubbing ice cubes or washing your face with cold water after your cleansing routine really helps.

  11. No cream can reduce pores permanently 🙁 but you can try egg white mask every alternate day, it great for oily skin plus closes the open pore for some time :). Be careful while separating the yolk from white, as yolk inclusion will leave the skin oily :snicker:

  12. The ‘pores’ that you see are actually hair follicles or glands. Hair follicles are associated with sebaceous glands and closing them or reducing their size could cause acne. Glands, such as sweat glands spread throughout the skin excrete toxins and other harmful susbtances through sweat.

    In effect, you cannot close any of them. 🙂 But if you exercise regularly, thereby sweating a lot in the gym and also keeping hormonal imbalances in check, the pores may reduce in size during the day. 🙂

      1. :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:

  13. hi rati,
    i would recommend u dove intensive repair therapy shampoo and has helped me a lot..and as for your open pores..take a napkin, put ice cubes and add astringent and do circular movements till the face turns red, showing circulation of blood..then mix 1 tsp of oatmeal powder with lime juice and add water to make a paste..apply this on face and leave for 20 min and then wash off..i hope this will work for you as it did for me..

  14. Hi all, I am Mugdha, living in San Diego for my masters, but from Pune….I am addicted to this blog!! :woot:
    Actually, some of you mention using scrubs…I wanted to ask, whenever I use scrubs, I tend to breakout….I have a weird skin…dry around mouth and all, but slightly oily on nose and forehead…Also, i have larger pores on my cheeks near nose…..Is the breaking out due to scrubs normal??

  15. use olay total effects cream and cleanser and as toner use tea tree water from lush ….it will definitely help

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