How To Remove Dark Circles: Ask IMBB

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Priyamvada asks:

I need your help to know how to remove dark circles around my eyes as this is the most annoying think happening to me these days. Please help me how to reduce them 🙁 I’m waiting for your reply.

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6 thoughts on “How To Remove Dark Circles: Ask IMBB

  1. Take used tea bags. Cool them in the fridge. And then keep them on your eyes for half an hour. regular use reduces dark circles.
    How do I ask IMBB my own questions? Someone please help!

  2. You might be Anemic. I am and get really bad dark skin around my eyes and have been trying to get more Iron in my diet. And if you’ve been missing out on sleep, get some rest 🙂

  3. Hi… Actually I face the same problem and people suggest me to sleep well… Well I do sleep a lot but still my dark circles won’t go… Indians are particularly prone… Might be genetic or allergic or anemia or lack of sleep or lack of water.. Drink lots of water as they wash away the toxins… Take iron capsules if anemic… Aroma magic under eye cream is good for dark circles… And ur real friend is a concealer…. Good luck

  4. Vitamin E oil works great. I use it once every 2-3 weeks.
    Also I am a University student, so I am always working. So, whenever my eyes are burning and stuff, I give a little break to my eyes with rose water. Just keep it on eyes until you are relaxed.

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