How to Repair Damaged Hair After Straightening

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Whether the straightening is done with flat irons or chemically, it ultimately damages the hair. With the regular exposure of hair to the heat makes them dry, brittle and breakage-prone. With the passage of time, your hair loses its shine and you may often notice excessive hair fall. And, having dry, fried hair and split ends are the foremost signs of hair damage. But, repairing your damaged hair is not that difficult and you must follow some tips. Here, we are with a few tips and advices on how to repair damaged hair after straightening. Let’s get into the details.

1. Get Ends Trimmed:

Trimmed ends ensure the growth of healthy hair at a faster pace. Moreover, it makes the hair look fresh, neat and healthy. If you are willing to have healthy hair, chop off dry and fried ends without any hesitation. Well, the story of repairing the damage doesn’t stop only here. After having trimmed your hair, you have to follow a proper hair care regimen to provide nourishment and moisture to your locks. This will ensure the growth of healthy and lustrous hair.

2. Reduce Heat Styling:

Beautiful woman with a wavy hair holding a hair iron

Hot tools are indispensable when it comes to tame unruly hair. However, when your hair is damaged, minimize the usage of heat styling tools like curling tongs, flat irons and blow dryer. To achieve the hair styling, opt for some gentle ways. For curls, you can try out our no heat methods. Moreover, air drying is much better in every term when compared to blow drying your hair. If there is a need to blow dry, try to use it on the cool or lowest heat setting. This will ensure less exposure of your hair to heat, preventing them from further damage.

3. Pay Attention Towards Hair Products and their Ingredients:

Hair products are meant to use at right place. If you have damaged hair, use a leave-in conditioner like Wella professionals enrich moisturizing leave-in balm or Schwarzkopf bonacure moisture kick spray conditioner once in a while to restore the moisture and shine. If you cannot stay away from the heating tools, then do not forget to use heat protectant spray products.

4. Do not Wash too often:

Girl at the shower

Washing too often can make damaged hair breakage-prone; excessive washing makes the hair brittle and severe the damage. Try to not exceed the frequency of washing your hair more than twice a week. If you need to refresh your scalp and hair in between these two washes, opt for a mild shampoo. You can also try dry shampoo. It will instantly soak up the oil and sweat, refreshing your hair like freshly washed. Batiste has an amazing range of dry shampoo that you can try from.

5. Protect your Hair Everywhere:

Whether you are going for swimming or out in the sun, protect your hair everywhere. If going for swimming, wear a cap and keep in mind to rinse off the hair properly afterwards. Moreover, sitting under the sun after swimming and without washing off your hair can make them more damaged. Remember to wash off your hair as soon as you are out of the pool. To counteract the sun damage, use hydrating or moisturizing products after having a long exposure to the sun.

6. Minimize the usage of chemicals:

Hairdresser paints the woman's hair in a dark color, apply the paint to her hair

Whether it is perming or coloring, prevent hair from further chemical processes. Well, not for the life-time, but till your hair is repaired at least. Coloring you hair can further lead to stripping of moisture, making your hair more damaged. Further chemical processes will make the hair more brittle and breakage-prone. Likewise, be cautious of using the hair care products as well. Do not go for chemical laden products for regular usage. It may prove to be more harmful than any good.

7. Go for Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner:

Sulfate is known to strip off the scalp and hair from its natural oils, making them rough, frizzy and dry. Avoiding sulfates in your shampoos and conditioner can be beneficial to your damaged hair. The natural oils and ingredients present in the sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner helps in reviving and rejuvenating your hair by providing adequate nourishment and hydration to them.
Product Recommendation:
Organix thick and full biotin collagen shampoo
L’Oreal evercreme sulfate-free moisture system nourishing shampoo
The body shop rainforest shine conditioner
Macadamia natural oil moisturizing rinse

8. Indulge your Hair in Deep Conditioning Treatments:

How to Repair Damaged Hair After Straightening Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning treatments are quite repairing and restorative. It is necessary to repair the damage done to your hair from straightening. Regular conditioners provide moisture though, but are not as effective in treating heavily damaged hair. Thus, you need deep conditioning treatment once a week to replenish the moisture, providing nourishment to the hair. Along with repairing the damaged hair, deep conditioning products ensures to prevent them from further damage as well. The ingredients present in these types of products are moisturizing, treats dry and brittle hair and adds shine to them.
Product Recommendation:
L’Oreal hair spa deep nourishing creambath
Matrix intense smoothing mask
Dr. Organic Moroccan argan oil restorative treatment conditioner
TRESemme keratin smooth deep treatment masque

9. Oil Treatment:

When it comes to repairing the damaged hair, nothing can beat the efficacy of oil. Coconut oil, argan oil, olive oil and almond oil are best known to strengthen the hair, making them healthy and lustrous. These oils have the capacity of penetrating deep into the cuticles and repairing the damaged hair from within. Hence, oil treatment is quite effective for adding body to your hair, while repairing the damaged hair. To use, warm appropriate amount of oil and massage from scalp to the tips of hair. Wear a shower cap and leave it for at least 30 minutes. Later, follow up with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

10. Homemade Nourishment Hair Mask for Damaged Hair:

Clients hair is being reconditioned

There are many natural ingredients that provide intense moisturisation and nourishment to the damaged hair. You may use a hair mask using avocado, yogurt, egg, mayonnaise, etc. to repair your damaged hair and restore their luster. For instance, you can mash avocado and apply it from your roots to tips, focusing on tips and leave for 30 minutes. Later, rinse it off with lukewarm water. Another mask you can try out is with yogurt and hibiscus. Add 2-3 tablespoons of hibiscus powder in appropriate amount of yogurt. Apply on to your hair and leave for 20-25 minutes. Later, rinse off with lukewarm water. Both these hair masks are quite rich in nutrients and provide adequate nourishment and moisturisation to the dry and damaged hair, making them softer, shinier and healthier.

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  1. Need urgent help!!!
    I did hair smoothening in 2017 September nd life the results
    Exactly one year later in 2018 I did cystine, it was okay I saw no difference
    My natural hair is quite thin and wavy and gets little frizzy in humidity
    Just yesterday I thought I will go for smoothening so that I can derive the same result as my previous smoothening almost half of my hair had regrown
    But note my hair was on the softer side.
    Somehow this time the smoothening process went wrong and my hair turned brittle, unruly and hard only the top 20% looked smooth

    I am confused what to do need desperate help.

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