How To Reverse Tanning Caused by Swimming: Ask IMBB

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Shreyshi asks:

Hey Everyone,

I have been regularly going through your updates, really awesome posts.  Can you please suggest me something for curing the tanning caused by swimming? My hands, legs and face are tanned a lot. I don’t know how is it affecting my hair. I would be really thankful to you all for helping me out with this. Seeing your skin getting so much tanned everyday is really frustrating.

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8 thoughts on “How To Reverse Tanning Caused by Swimming: Ask IMBB

  1. Hi Shreysi, you can try home remedies using turmeric and besan paste before taking bath yesterday.

    To prevent further tanning, you should use waterproof sunscreen that would give you adequate protection…..

    You can use this product to get rid of the tan…..

  2. Everything that Jomol has suggested is right . But my personal opinion is that , the water in pool is too chlorinated and the tan caused by it is way too difficult to remove. This tan caused by swimming pool water is harder to remove than normal sun tan . I used to go for swimming many many years ago and i was so horribly tanned , i became two shades darker than my original shade. Not only that I also got some weird rashes and patches on my skin 🙁 May be the pool is not cleaned well or whatever ! You can use some protective cream , but that will get washed away once you start swimming. My advice is better not to swim in those swimmimg pools if you really care for your skin and hair.
    Swim in some natural water body like a river where other people also swim and is safe .

  3. An honest opinion from a fellow swimmer – The chlorine and the sun combined shall tan your skin pretty badly , so what you can do is , switch to a club which has an indoor pool. Make sure your skin is moisturised well after the swim , because chlorine shall strip your skin of moisture , leading to excessively oily skin later ( oil glands shall produce more oil ) and leading to skin problems from pore blockage. For the hair , make sure you wash out the chlorine from your hair after every swim using a mild shampoo , or simply just rinse it out as much as possible , and condition extremely well after every swim. For removing existing tan , you have to try natural remedies as Jomol di suggested because using further chemicals on skin exposed to chlorine is not a good idea.

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