How to Rock Minimalist Trend

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Most of you fashionistas out there don’t shy away from trying out new fashion trends. It is always good to be decked up but sometimes it is okay to let go and go for simplistic or minimalist fashion trend. Let’s find out how you can try this fashion trend.

minimalist trend

Go for simple-tailored cuts

Importance of clean cut and structured clothes runs high when it comes to minimalistic dressing. Tailored clothes provide strong base to the whole look and make it easier to dress up or down!

Minimal to no accessories

no accessories

Accessories are the key to complete the whole look but when it comes to minimalist trend, less is more! Couple of delicately stacked rings will work so much better than those accessories in rainbow colours. Stick to only piece of jewellery and not more than that.

Shop with purpose

Shop with a purpose and with a list on hand. Do not go crazy during sale season and try to buy everything. The whole point of minimalistic trend is having few pieces that you can mix and match and wear with maximum comfort and style.

Dress in neutrals

neutral dress

Focus more on colours like blacks, greys, tans, browns and beiges. Outfits with these colours look really classic and perfect for all occasions. Keeping things subtle always works. Neutral bases are easy to wear, comfortable on the eye as well as they look great!

Keep your outfits simple

Stay away from outfits and pieces that are too complex. Too much detailing, frills, embellishments are a no-no when it comes to minimalistic dressing. It just defeats the whole purpose.

Choose natural fibres

natural fibre

Go for fewer pieces in natural fibres like cotton, silk, linen, wool, cashmere and leather. These fabrics are timeless and are perfect for minimalistic dressing trend.

Exercise restraint

Sometimes staying away from too much accessorizing, prints and patterns can be a tad difficult. In order to rock the trend perfectly, you need to exercise restraint and do not forget and repeat after me, “less is more!”

Add interest to your outfit

add interest to outfit

Minimalistic trend does not mean that your outfits have to be boring. You can add interest to your outfits by going for clothes with cutouts or asymmetrical lines and layering with various textures and fabrics.

Layer but not so much

Do not overdo the layering of clothes. You should realise that there are certain restriction to minimalist trend but it also makes dressing-up interesting and fun. Do not complicate your outfits by layering up various pieces together.

If you must add color, limit it to one piece

one piece color

Limit the colours in your outfit to just one piece and ideally not more than that. A piece of vibrant accessory, bright pumps or a colourful statement piece with your neutrals will work so much in your favour and the trend.

Keep it classic and flexible

Try to invest in and shop only for wardrobe staples like a crisp white shirt, a fitted black jacket, a beige pencil skirt and so on. These pieces are timeless and will be so much more easy to style and swap with different pieces for a day to night look.

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