How to Rock Split Dyed Hair!

“If you are not living on edge, you are taking up way too much space”

Life’s too short to be anything but boring, right! So coming to the post, it is about an uber cool hair trend known as ‘split dyed hair’ or ‘half-n-half’ that’s gaining popularity, of late. Just the way 2014 was all about ombre hair, 2015 seems to be all about split dyed hair!

Warning: It is not for the weak hearted. So, are you ready for the adventure? Here are some ways you can rock this latest hair fad!

How to Rock Split Dyed Hair!5

So, what is it? Split dyed hair basically means that you divide your hair into two parts and dye them both with different shades. Now, the fun part here is that the shades can totally be up to your taste and liking. Of course, not everyone would like to rock this trend, and to be honest, not everyone can. But, for ladies who like to experiment a lot with their hair and love to try out new looks and dare to see beyond the usual black, brown, blonde hair – this is the ‘IT’ thing at the moment.

We all know what hair coloring or hair dyeing is, so I need not explain that. Also, I need not explain the pros and cons of dyeing. So, just let us get on to the looks you can create with this technique and what are the best ways to rock this style. Also, even if you are not bolder enough, you can admire the way these fierce ladies are carrying this superb and innovative way of hair coloring!

• Stay Connected To Your Roots!

How to Rock Split Dyed Hair!7

How to Rock Split Dyed Hair!10

You can keep one side natural and dye other half of the hair in a contrast shade.

• Complement Both The Sides!

How to Rock Split Dyed Hair!9

Or Dye both the sides in two complementary shades.

• Go Deep Pastel!

How to Rock Split Dyed Hair!4

I personally feel deep pastels like dark blue, dark purple, burgundy really suit our Indian skin tones.

• Add Some Light to Dark!

How to Rock Split Dyed Hair!2

Dark and light shades of the same shade family!! Just love the transition effect.

• Revive Your Parting!

How to Rock Split Dyed Hair!12

A side partition instead of the original middle partition, in contrasting shades looks so chic.

• Heart Pink!

How to Rock Split Dyed Hair!3

How to Rock Split Dyed Hair!1

Take your love for pink to a whole new level.

• Bang-Bang!

How to Rock Split Dyed Hair!6

Let your bangs do the talking.

• Now, this is something!

How to Rock Split Dyed Hair!8

You can try half and half hair dye style by splitting your hair section into front and back instead of a front partition alone.

• When all else fails, there’s braids!

How to Rock Split Dyed Hair!11

Braid it up! Isn’t this the cutest braid ever?!!

Don’t forget to pair these hairstyles with a winged eyeliner and a really flattering lip color. Also, if you want to try it, make sure you get it done by a professional since it’s one of the most tricky styles. One mistake could ruin your entire look. On the other hand, awesome work by a professional can make you look really very stylish!

So go ahead and tell me which one is your favourite!! And, would you try any of these styles to color your hair? 🙂

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  1. These styles are beautiful, but I am not daring enough to try any of these. Not using permanent color at least. Would you try one Akshata? 🙂

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