How to Safely Bleach Your Skin at Home

Hello ladies,

Today we would be talking about how to bleach your skin correctly and safely at home. A lot of women feel uncomfortable while removing facial hair through waxing or any other painful method. Bleaching is really good for such women because it does not involve any pain. Bleaching your skin in a salon can be an expensive and hence here we guide you how to bleach correctly at home. Bleach helps to lighten the hair so that it matches your skin tone and make your skin glow. So, let’s get started!

1. Prepare the mix

Bleaching can be done correctly only when you prepare the mix with caution. You will need to add more amount of the activator to the mix if you have really dark hair. You should make sure that you mix it well so that it is not grainy in texture. Also, read the instructions mentioned on the packaging carefully before applying it.

2. Cleanse your face before

Before applying the bleach on your face, you should cleanse your face properly. Wash your face with water so that the dirt and impurities come out easily. If needed, you can also use a gentle cleanser which does not contain too many chemicals. Avoid rubbing your skin too hard during this process.

3. Moisturize the skin

Bleach can be really hard on the skin if you forget to apply a moisturiser before bleach. Applying the bleach directly on your skin can cause rashes and red marks on the skin and also lead to irritation on the face. In some cases, hard bleach may also lead to pigmentation on the skin. It can feel like a sting on the face and hence you must make sure that you do not skip this step. Most bleaches come with pre-bleach creams so that should have you covered.

4. Apply the bleach

Once you have mixed the bleach properly, you can start applying bleach on the skin. You can use fingers or brush to bleach your skin properly and make sure that you apply the bleach in the direction of hair growth as well as opposite to the direction so that all the hairs are covered.

5. Leave it on for some time

You should leave it on for around 20-30 minutes after application and relax for some time. The time depends on how much you want the hair to be lightened. Till the bleach dries completely, relax for some time or take a short nap.

6. Wash off

Once the bleach has dried completely, wash off with the help of cold water. Apply some aloe vera gel to get a smooth and silky skin. Never wash your face with a face wash or soap after bleaching the skin. Instead, provide some proper hydration to the skin to keep it in a good condition.

7. Apply a sunscreen

If you need to step out of the house with your freshly bleached skin, you should make sure that you apply a sunscreen. Roaming around under the sun without applying a UV protectant can tan your skin again and the bleach won’t help. Plus, your skin might get irritated in the absence of a good sunscreen.

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