How to Smell Fresh All Day Long

Hi ladies,

Here is your guide to smelling fresh all day long in the hot summer months.

smelling fresh

Stock up on perfume roller balls

Perfume roller balls are small and come in handy when you want to smell nice in the hot weather. You can use them to rub onto your wrist, inside of your elbows, behind your ears and on your armpits. A dab of these balls is enough to hide that muskiness in a sweaty day.

Invest in a good fabric softener

fresh smelling cloth

Fabric softeners are great for the clothes as they leave a lingering fragrance in the clothes which last quite long. So choosing a fabric softener that smells nice is the first step towards smelling great, no matter how hot the weather is and how much you are sweating.

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Place perfumed sachets in your drawer

This is also a great way to add subtle scents to your clothes and accessories. You can get little perfume sachets and keep them in your clothes and accessories drawers to add a nice and subtle scent to them.

Hand sanitizers

hand sanitizer application

These are a must have in every woman’s bag. You can go for fresh and fruity smelling hand sanitizer to give you a nice whip of fresh air in hot summer days.

Use bath and body products from a set

Avoid using a bunch of products with different scents in summer time as those scents mix together during sweating and can get really unflattering. So try to use bath and body products from the same range that is apt for summers.

Choose muted fragrance over a strong perfume

A stronger perfume will mix with the body odour and make up an unpleasant scent. A subtle lingering scent is a far better choice. You can dab it behind your ears and on the back of your knees and the scent will help mask sweaty stink. Go for fruity, floral and summer scents or body splashes that last throughout the day.

Add body oils to your sunscreen

Use 2-3 drops of body oil to your unscented sunscreen and then apply. The scents of body oils are nice and strong which infuses the skin and makes it look all glowy and smells super nice.

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