How To Stay Fit and Look Good During Pregnancy

How to Stay Fit and Look Sexy While Pregnant

Most women fear pregnancy not only because of the hormonal changes, possible complications and the pains of labor and delivery. Women are more concerned on how they will look like after all the weight gain, skin changes and the inevitable baby bump while pregnant. It is important to maintain positive self image and self esteem during pregnancy as these contribute to a happy and healthy pregnancy. Pregnancy after all is not a time for being too plain, dull and unfashionable but instead it should be a celebration of your femininity and motherhood. So how do exactly women stay fit and look sexy while pregnant? Here are some tips:

1. Work out. Exercising twice a week all throughout the entire length of your pregnancy is good for you. When I say work out, that means walking, swimming, yoga and water aerobics. Exercises actually depend on how active you are before you got pregnant. Strenuous workouts are contraindicated especially to those at risks of pregnancy complications and those on the later stages of pregnancy. Drink lots of water during activities. This does not only refreshes your feeling but also hydrates your body and keeps your skin well- hydrated for a nicer glow. And remember to consult your doctor before engaging in any strenuous physical activities.

2. Choose maternity clothes that make you feel and look sexy. You often see pregnant women in oversized clothes such as tee shirts and old fashioned maternity skirts. They are comfy alright but if you are going for sexy, you have to think twice and go for fashionable knits which are in style and are comfortable as well.

Add on your favorite accessories such as jewelry or your fab purse to go with your get up. Choose comfortable shoes. It is a good thing that flats are in style nowadays. Stilettos are strictly a NO-NO unless you are attending a formal occasion.

3. Eat a well-balanced diet. Include fruits and veggies to your diet. You can get as much needed vitamins and minerals from them. Stay away from fat and go for lean meats. Wean off on caffeine if you are a coffee addict. This is a stimulant and may affect your time of sleep and rest. Caffeine also has detrimental effects on your unborn child.

pregnancy diet
pregnancy diet

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4. Capitalize on hair style. Do you know that hormonal changes during pregnancy can give you great, shiny, thick hair? Don’t cut it or pull it back in a ponytail just to be able to manage it. Instead, go and see a hair stylist and let them tell you what style looks best for you. When your hair is beautiful, you can’t help but feel sexy as well.

5. Don’t skip from make-ups and beauty products. Pregnancy will give you a lot of limitations especially in using chemicals that may have bad effects to your baby. But this is not enough reason for you to stay away from make-up. There are beauty products that are safe for expectant moms. It is always best to consult your doctor.

makeup during pregnancy
makeup during pregnancy

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Try to use mineral powder as this is very easy to apply and is light; it is important to choose a shade that matches your skin. Add on some eye shadow with a color that makes your eyes pop. Brown eyes look great on purple, blue eyes are perfect on brown shades, and green or hazel eyes can try on a pink shade. Anyone can wear neutral colors also.
Spice your looks with a nice mousse blush. Pink shade gives out a natural color.

Lastly, moisturize your lips and then apply a long wearing lipstick in a color that your prefer. Red of course is the sexiest color but pinks are more in style.

6. Your attitude above all makes you sexy. Believe that you are sexy and good looking and you will be. Fight negative feelings with positive thoughts.

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22 thoughts on “How To Stay Fit and Look Good During Pregnancy

  1. Hi Rati, I can’t thank you enough for publishing my article. I love using make ups, I have a collection. That’s one of the reasons I wrote the article.

    To Neha, how far a long are you with your pregnancy? Im on my 37th week, also pregnant like you. That’s what I also thought the first time I used a fitness ball. You can always look for alternative exercises that fit you the most. Stay beautiful and sexy.
    .-= Maria´s last blog ..Reducing the Risk of Sudden Infant Syndrome =-.

  2. Hieeee!!! Well i had a baby boy in May…n in addition to da above tips i can say is even if u dnt have much time for exercise continue working if ur doctor allows…i was working till da day b4 i delivered…n had not gone even for a walk in da name of exercis coz i just hate all forms of i guess working full time helpd me hav a quick and normal delivery…also u can wear empire line dresses, maxi dresses and kaftans…also u always have accessories to play wid…my make up routine has always been moisturiser and gloss n it was da samre during pregnancy…i used a lot of body shops body butter on my tummy for the entire 9 months n m glad to say dat i hav just one teeny weeny stretch i guess it workd….. 🙂

  3. Good for you Farha, my case was the total ULTA. I too worked till the last day, I also went in for those regular exercise classes @ my hosplital, religiously went for my walks every evening, yet carried my baby for 42 weeks…and still had no signs of her popping out. Finally, my doc decided it was time and asked me to get admited. I was very adminent that I wanted to have a normal delivery, my doc had to force me into labour (induced labor). 24hrs, post induction, my daughter-Sia (Doll – as Rati calls her) was born. :sweat:

    This is not to scare any of the expecting mums, trust me once the doc places the lil bundle into your arms…you forget everything that you ever went through…

  4. hi girlz…can any one help me with skin care while pregnant…like can i keep using fair and lovely for face and body,,,,,any adivce for body scar fading cream while pregnant..
    greatful 🙂

  5. when I was pregnant with my first baby, I don’t really feel like putting on make-up 😀 but I felt very very beautiful inside and out even though my nose is really big! 😀 this whole pregnancy thing will make u real weird but it’ll give u an unexplainable feeling of happiness and contentment! carrying a baby in my womb was such a miracle! 🙂

  6. I read somewhere that yoga can help to stay fit during this time. I am 2 months pregnant now and would like to know if it helps! Also is it true that hair loss takes place during this time? I procrastinate a whole lot and don’t manage to get anything done.

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