How to Stop Makeup from Creasing Under the Eyes

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When you have dark circles or uneven under eye’s skin tone, the under eye makeup saves your day. However, there are a few issues with under eye makeup and one of them is getting creased under the eye. There are many factors involved in getting makeup creased. Thus, here are 8 solutions to prevent the creasing of makeup under the eyes. Let’s get into it.

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1. Cleanse the skin properly:

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Preparing your skin for the makeup is the most important thing to consider. Always cleanse your under eye area properly to ensure longer wear time of the makeup. When the makeup is applied to the freshly cleansed skin, it ensures to stay all the day long without getting flaked or creased. Thus, in this way, you can prevent your makeup from creasing under the eyes.

2. Moisturize the under eye area:

Moisturizing the skin before applying makeup is quite necessary to avoid it from getting creased. Moisturizer makes the skin plumped and smoother that further makes the application of makeup easier. To moisturize the under eye area, opt for an under eye cream that can be used in the day time as well. The under eye cream must get absorbed into the skin easily. This will help in preventing the makeup from creasing under the eyes. If your cream is slightly heavier and does not get absorbed quickly, then press a tissue under the eyes to remove the excess cream and then follow up with concealer.

3. Opt for a lightweight formula:

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The texture of the makeup determines the creasing of it under the eyes. If you use lightweight formula, it will not crease. However, at the same time, if you are going to use a heavy formula then it will get creased. Thus, to avoid the creasing of your makeup under the eyes, try to opt for light and creamy textured makeup products.

4. Set up with powder:

It is obvious to use the setting powder to keep your makeup last all day without creasing or settling into the fine lines. Thus, to prevent the makeup from creasing under the eyes, use the required amount of setting powder to fix your concealer. The most important thing to consider about setting powder is its texture. It must be lightweight to avoid the creasing of the makeup. To apply the setting powder, use a small fluffy brush for the perfect finish.

5. Always use a primer:

A good makeup primer helps in keeping the makeup intact for a long time and does not let it crease. To avoid your makeup from creasing under the eyes, always use a makeup primer. It will instantly make your under eye skin smoother and softer. Not to mention, it also fills up the fine lines under the eyes. Thus, your makeup gets prevented from creasing under the eyes.

6. Apply concealer in the right way:

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Just slathering on the concealer, again and again, will not prevent it from creasing under the eyes. Always follow the right way to apply the concealer. Use the triangle method to apply concealer under eye area. It helps in blending the concealer into the skin properly and makes your eyes look all natural. Not to mention, when the concealer will be blended properly, it will not get creased under the eyes easily. Apart from this, do not apply concealer very close to the lower lash lines. It will only make the concealer get creased under the eyes.

7. Use the right brushes:

The right brushes always play an important role in making your makeup look flawless. Even if you are not good at makeup, the set of good makeup brushes can do the rest of your work. Thus, when applying a concealer under the eyes, use a small pointed brush to blend it perfectly. If you are not using a brush, then use your fingertip to pat it and blend. The warmth of the fingertips makes it easy for the concealer to blend into the skin’s color.

8. Go for lesser makeup product than usual:

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Do not use too much quantity of makeup on your under eye area. If you do so, you will end up with a cakey finish with your makeup getting creased under the eyes. Until and unless you are going for a full coverage makeup, try to use a thin layer of foundation or concealer under the eye area. This will keep your makeup look natural and that too without getting it creased.

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