How To Stop Severe Hair Fall Due to Thyroid: Ask IMBB

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Rakhee Jha asks:

Hi Girls,

I’m 23 year old, suffering from severe hair fall from roots.  Recently, I received my blood test report. I’m suffering from thyroid, please help me regarding this hair fall problem.  Around 50 to 100 hair strands fall every day from the roots, even if i make a braid, it comes out automatically.  I am consulting a doctor too,  but want homemade or any dadi ka nuskha kind of thing, please help me. Now, I have  3 times lesser hair than I used to have before.  Around one year back, I did hair rebonding also.  Please suggest me something so that I can get my hair strength back and something to stop this severe hair fall.

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21 thoughts on “How To Stop Severe Hair Fall Due to Thyroid: Ask IMBB

  1. Hi Rakhee…

    It is very good that you are already consulting a trichologist.

    Home made treatments would include:

    1. Soak Methi seeds over night in water and apply the paste next day, keep for 45 minutes (will be difficult to wash so take care)
    2. Please stop using shampoos with SLES/SLES
    3. Massage your scalp with Castor oil
    4. Drink plenty of water and include green leafy veggies and high protiens in your diet
    5. Lastly, please don’t take stress ot get tended everything will be fine 🙂

  2. Hello rakhee di …

    some years back even i had severe hair loss problem . When I went to doctor that doctor gave me Iron folic and zinc tablets . And in 3 months the problem was solved and i was super happy . But in this entire time span you hav to be very very patient and try to increase the strength of your mind because its a fact that the hair we lose in this problem will grow again in more than 1 year .
    I think if you should ask your doctor for this two tablets as they work very well. and besides this take your thyroid’s medicine regularly and do a course of iron folic and zinc tablets after evry 6 months , because we gals lose iron evry month and hence we need it .
    Thank you 🙂 *pompom*

  3. Im not sure about thyroid but aftr i had a baby my condition was bad enough that i switched to purified water to wash my hair, now things are much better!
    wish u luck!

  4. Hi Rakhee, follow your doctor’s advice and increase intake of iron rich foods, take a lot of spinach and other leafy vegetables. Also, ask your doctor to prescribe your zinc, iron, and vitamin supplements 🙂

  5. I had hair fall problm few months backs. two steps work great for me are
    1 Apply Almond /Grapeseed Oil
    2.1 teaspoon cinnamon (dalchini) power 2 teaspoon olive oil and 3 teaspoon honey – mix well and apply for 30 to 45 mins once a week.
    Hope it will help …

  6. Rakhee… home remedies wud not help much. the safest and the fastest method wud be accupressure. u can DIY, its simple and accurate and gives u faster results as well. pls search the net for more details. it will def help u.

  7. hey dear,
    I am a doctor helping patients of hormonal disturbances holistically.
    Do start with rising up early and sleeping early.
    drink loads of water
    have at least 4 fruits per day
    and start doing exercise!!!

    believe me…it sounds tedious and over simplified…but you will see such wonderful results

  8. Hi Rakhee,
    I too have thyroid problems. I detected it almost 6 years ago. The reason that got me to do the blood test was that i was having excessive hair loss. Don’t worry AT ALL! Get started on your thyroid medication. Do NOT everrrrrrr skip it! take iron, calcium and folic acid 4 times a week in rotation. consult your doc to ask in which order to take and at what times. drink plenty of water. exercise. in 2-3 months hairfall will stop. I haven’t had hairfall problems in over-5 years now. Just understand that hormones control many attributes of our body, including our mood…..stay happy because stress also causes hairloss and thyroid problems cause stress. it’s all inter-related. Take care!

      1. No problem sweets *haan ji* I used to panic myself then…. at the age of 22 (that I was—around the same age as u) one is so frail and need guidance. i went crazy looking for solutions and tried home remedies. Ofcourse, they help…they strengthen the hair and roots, but since the problem is purely hormonal and internal, nothing in the world helps, other than taking your thyroid medication on time and letting your body take care of itself….. and thereafter resume your regular hair diy treatments….. I always do *preen* 😉 hehe….

        1. evn i m going crazy and asked you guys. feeling better after your exprnce.. thanks ton dear *puchhi* *puchhi* *puchhi*

  9. Thyroid causes hairfall …visit good endocrinologist to start medication soon as possible. This is save in time for other prb.

    now for hairfall …. its common for thyroid grp to have hairfall and brittle nails.
    Solution – start having thyroid medicine this help reduce the impact. Then start having hautvit ( that’s biotin + grapeseed + folic acid + zinc + calcium suplement).

    next what diet is important : hydrate yourself….have more proteins …if non-veggie fish is good for u…soak some almonds and have daily… hair oil massage is important…type of oil which will suit your hair type can check with doctor. process will be slow …but will help in long run.

    for sometime try trichologist recommended products ( shampoo , conditioner etc).

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