How To Store Your Beauty Products

A messy dressing table not only looks unorganized and unappealing, it also makes it difficult for us to pick out what we want when needed. And most of the time, we don’t even realize that we own a particular product because it would be hiding under the big mess.

How To Store Your Beauty Products

Here are some ideas to help you organize your cosmetics and beauty products:

1. Perfumes:


The decorative show pieces of our mirror table 🙂 Use a decorative plate/tray to store your perfumes.

2. Makeup brushes:

How To Store Your Beauty Products

Makeup brushes

Fill small glass vases with decorative stones or coffee beans and insert your brushes inside for easy access and separated display.

3. Makeup palettes:

Use a file organizer to view makeup palettes easily.

File organizer

4. Cotton balls, pads and buds:

Use different sized vases or fish bowls to store your cotton products and stack them one above the other to save space.

Cotton buds

5. Hair clips, elastic bands and slides:

Use a muffin/cupcake tray to include everything that can be so easily lost.

6. Compact powder:

Arrange your compact powder tins and other similar tins in Ferrero Rocher boxes.

7. Tubes of mascara, eyeliner, glosses:

Lip gloss organizer

All kinds of tubes can be stored in decorative candle holders that are so easily available now.

You could use the above storage for other beauty products as well. Mix and match to suit your needs!

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  1. yum! I love these kinda posts and soooo gonna use muffin trays for my daughter’s pinks I always miss them

  2. What an amazing idea to store brushes in coffee beans…..can imagine how great the brushes would smell 🙂

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