How To Style A Crop Top

Hello to all the Fashionistas,

As some of you might know, I am already a few posts old on IMBB. There are so many things to learn from here. After being a little more confident than before, I thought of getting a wee bit out of my comfort zone. So here I am with my first ever fashion/outfit post.


“History always repeats itself” and so does FASHION

It’s only about a couple of months back when all the apparel stores were filled with crop tops and it had me wondering “why the heck have the designers decided to hack off the lower portion of every top?” (Just kidding)
I must confess, I wasn’t too sure of being okay with the idea of baring my midriff in anything other outfit than a saree. I was a little shy, a little nervous and a lot more curious if I could pull off this new trend. So, like me, if you are a little intimidated too….here are a few tips to absolutely rock that crop top.

1) Team it up with a High-Waist Bottom Wear:


Just because your top is short, doesn’t mean you have to bare it all. Teaming up your crop top with a high waist skirt or a trouser will help you take charge of how much skin you are willing to flaunt.

2) Cover it up with a Cardigan, Shirt or a Blazer


Layering up your short top will help you feel covered up and free you of your guilt too, if any.

3) Give that Baggy fit a try:


If the length of the top is already running in your mind, you might want to go easy on that fit. Try a loose fitting crop top instead and team it up with a tighter fitting skirt, pant or shorts to create a balance.

4) Sleeve it down


Another way to carry a subtle look is to opt for a long or quarter sleeved top with a decent neckline. We all know a sense of mystery is always sexier than showing it all.

5) Try a Tie-Up


You want to try and test the crop top look before taking the plunge? Go ahead and use a buttoned down shirt as a tie up top and see it for yourself.

6) Layer it up like a Lady


You can still afford to go with the flow and not show an inch of that mysterious tummy of yours. All you need to do is wear your crop top on top of a nice feminine long blouse.

7) Match it up with a Pencil or a Bodycon Skirt:


Flaunt it if you have it. Go ahead and accentuate you curves with a bodycon or a pencil skirt. Team it up with a crop top of the desirable fit.

8) Indian-ize it a bit


You can also give a desi look to your crop top by teaming it up with a nice maxi skirt.
It will be a perfect summer attire. Plus you will be covered neck to toe, literally 😛

9) Get Sporty


Remember that scene from the movie Bad Teacher. Where Cameron Diaz literally sets the whole town on fire while washing cars in those shorts and a tie- up shirt. Well you don’t need to do that exactly. You can also go ahead and dress your top up with a pair of shorts. Now, the rest is up to you, how short you want your shorts to be.

10) Pair it up with Palazzos


Get into a super comfy avatar this summer by teaming up your loose crop top with palazzos. Remember crop tops don’t have to be sexy all the time. They can also be used to keep you comfortable in warmer temperatures.

11) Give it a Girl Next Door look


Play mysterious.. play hide and seek.. Wear it under your overalls and all you need to know is you look super cute and chic.

12) Wear Matching-Matching


No you won’t look like curtains or a couch if you wear a crop top and bottom of the same print. The crop in between helps break the monotony and gives a lady like look.

13) Keep it Simple:


Don’t want to attract a lot of attention the very first time you wear it out. Minimize the bottom wear to a pair of jeans. You can accessorize your top with a nice neck piece.

When you can wear a translucent saree with such ease, why not a crop top. Remember every one can carry anything off with so much confidence, elegance and grace. Just play around with your wardrobe and see what works best for you. I hope I did justice to the crop top with my write up. I was a little nervous while writing it up as it’s my first outfit post.

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    1. Thank you Anubhuti…Oh yes racer backs will look cool too underneath a sheer crop top or a cropped poncho during winters perhaps 😀

  1. I have never tried a crop top myself. Guess I need to work out some for that. When I do, I am definitely gonna start with jackets and layering! Nice tips Rakhi. 🙂

  2. Too old for crop top; but I loved your style of writing. So smooth and well thought out ideas and so easy to pull it off for a young girl or women. Easy suggestions but very powerful!

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