How to Style Knee High Boots

Ola bonita chica’s!
I hope you are all well and keeping happily busy with your lives all across the globe. If any of you own knee high boots and they are gathering dust in the back of your wardrobe, pull them out ladies because I have the best article for you today! I’m going to show you all the possible ways I can think of to rock you look in your boots. And if you do not own a pair yet, I hope you will soon because of these tips!

How to Style Knee High Boots

Where do they come from? Knee high boots were usually worn by men in the military and also were often seen worn by farmers and fishermen to protect their feet from water, dung and mud. They had laces and buckles on them and some were even made of rubber. They became a fashion statement for women in the 1950’s and since then they have been a prominent way to stay sexy and fabulous!
What kind of knee high boots are there and how do I wear them? Well let us get started!

1. Galoshes:

How to Style Knee High Boots

Also known as rain boots these rubber boots were commonly worn in England by men. This Sherlock Holmes on the moor! These are one of my favourite types of boots and work great for the rainy season. They come in all kinds of fun colours and are quite cheap because they are made of rubber. They are best worn with skinny jeans that you can tuck into them because you obviously do not want your clothes to get wet right! You can pair them with a flirty frilly skirt too if you are feeling adventurous!

2. Black Leather boots:

How to Style Knee High Boots

These have definitely the sexiest kind of knee high boots out there! Fitted black leather knee high boots are the best to pair with blue skinny denims. You can pair these with a casual blouse and jacket for the day or with an edgier top for a night out on town and that will definitely up your oomph factor! Paring black leather boots with a full black outfit will also streamline your body and make you look skinner and taller taking off kilos and adding height to your look. Black leather boots with a red sole (think hot Christian Louboutins!) are the ones that I’m dying to own someday myself!

3. Wollen and furry Uggs:

How to Style Knee High Boots

Did you know they call them Ugg’s because they were thought to be ‘ugly’? And Ugg’s now are one of the most popular brand of footwear and the thing they do best is boots! These are Australian and the boots made by this company are lined with the softest fur! They also have a version now where the length of the boot is made up of wool. Due to their warmth and structure these are the best kind of boots to be worn with leggings to help keep you warm yet looking stylish during those cold wintery days (and nights). Check out Adriana Lima rocking out her warm black Uggs with black leggings making those legs look like they go on for days!

4. Slouchy boots:

How to Style Knee High Boots

These are your most comfortable boots out there. They make your cankles disappear (chubby ankles when your calf directly meets your feet and there is not much definition of an ankle) and they also have a slimming effect on your calves. Also do not be afraid to lift the hemline with such boots. If you can rock a long flowing dress with these boots then more power to you, but these slouchy boots look best with shorts so pull out those shorts I know you have in your closet for the summer and cover up some leg with a pair of your new slouchies.

5. Lace ups:

How to Style Knee High Boots

Now these are boots that I have avoided so far because can you imagine how many minutes you would spend lacing these things up! I also have never worn such boots because lace up knee high boots were very commonly worn during horse riding and the polo trousers that go with them always seemed really frumpy to me. Regardless of my phobias, these boots do look pretty good and I have seen an increasing trend of people pairing these with short flirty skirts. Take a page out of Taylor Swift’s fashion guide and try out the same, let me know how it goes!

6. Suede boots:

How to Style Knee High Boots

Now boots do not necessarily need to be worn only with skinny tights and jeans stuffed into them or with short skirts and shorts. One of the best ways to stay modest and stylish is to invest in a gorgeous pair of neutral brown or gray suede boots because they pair very well with midi skirts. Incidentally midi skirts work well with our curvy Indian figure and this is one pairing you cannot go wrong with! This is also a really favourite ‘Jodi’ of Kate Middleton and she is often spotted wearing midi skirts with her favourite bottle green and dark brown suede knee high boots.

7. Cowboy boots:

How to Style Knee High Boots

These fun Western boots are usually made of leather and have fancy prints on them and sometimes even spikes on the heel. While these were usually worn by men working in the fields and the spikes helped them kick their horses to run faster, I think the modern day versions (sans spikes) look amazingly chic and fun. Cowboy boots usually come in browns but can be found in black too, they also have frills and fringes on them to give a more western theme and the detailing on these is usually gorgeous! You can pair these with your old dungarees from the 90’s if you still got them but otherwise the options with these are endless. Pair these with shorts or skirts of any length but make sure whatever you wear shows off the boots. Covering them up under trousers or a maxi dress would be a complete no no!

8. Gladiator knee highs:

How to Style Knee High Boots

While these are actually sandals and not so much boots you can get them in the knee high version and therefore I think they definitely deserve a mention! The best thing about gladiators is that they help bring out that free boho spirit and you can pair them beautifully with sun dresses, a beach dress or a maxi dress or skirt. Keep your outfit loose, flowing and girly with these bad boys and you will be sure to shine!

9. Glitter bombs and animal prints:

How to Style Knee High Boots

How to Style Knee High Boots

If you are here to make a statement then there is no better way to do so than by donning a pair of either of these. A full glittery knee high boot or a snake skin or leopard print knee high is definitely not for the faint hearted! Things like these are what girls like and we instantly get drawn to them and go gaga over such shoes but think at least ten times before you invest in a pair like these because other than on Halloween, you will have to buy a whole new wardrobe to go with these. Hey no one said that is a bad thing though! Here’s a few ways you can rock these babies!

10. Peeping socks:

How to Style Knee High Boots

The peeping sock can pretty much be attained with any of the above given knee high boots, except maybe the gladiators. This look adds a lot of versatility to your whole outfit and gives a fresh new perspective to your boots. To achieve the look just add socks of a complimentary or contrasting colour and layer them underneath your boots. Make sure they peek out on the top edge. You can wear cotton socks, woollen warmers or even lace socks! Your options are endless!

So I hope one of these ten ways to wear knee high boots inspires you to change your wardrobe this summer a little bit! Enjoy ladies and have a wonderful day ahead!

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  1. 2 posts in a day on boots…they are like begging me to buy one! 😀
    I never thought knee length boots would be something I wear, but these are some amazing tips Samrita! 🙂

  2. I love Kate’s look (cos I am obsessed with her). 😛 I am short and I don’t think they are ever gonna flatter me.

    1. Kate is really big on suede boot’s! They will for sure suit you if you wear them with streamlined trousers, leggings or skinny jeans. And the heels will help elongate your frame plus make your legs look looooong.
      If all else fails think a shorter kilted skirt with black tights and these boots. Don’t be afraid to try!

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